Saturday, September 27, 2008

If you're going, to San Francisco ..

27 Sept 08
Dry Dock - San Francisco

So we are finally here .. it had been a rough 2 days at sea (as I mentioned before)

Anyway we got in yesterday morning but didnt get into the dock till later in the am .. gangways werent even ready till 6pm last night. And I use the term "gangway" lightly - more like a freaking plank of wood!

So here are a few pics from the party in the wardie during the sea days, as well as the one night we played Uno (I had to teach the brits LOL)

Friday morning we planned to get up early to watch us sail under the Golden Gate Bridge, so we didnt make it a late night on Thursday .. the normal 1am I guess. There was a bunch of us who got up and then went to the observation deck above the bridge. It was chilly out, but very cool to sail under it. I have been there before, but never coming in like that on a ship! My pics are a bit blurry as evn though I was steady, the ship still moved. But you can still tell what it is for sure!

Golden Gate Bridge:

Yesterday we just hung out and sat on deck for a little sunshine - it was actually quite hot yesterday .. it was glorious! Just needed a margarita and it would have been perfect :) Watched them crane off a few crew members who were leaving and had to get off before the gangways were ready (they are employed by Princess and were being signed off - unlike me who was going home voluntarily) It was funny to watch! Last night we headed into the city - we had to wait like 30 min to get off the ship as they wouldnt let anyone off the ship without a hard hat and goggles. It was such a pain in the ass and they only had like 100 hats or something. We did get some funny pics though. We just went to get something to eat .. I hadnt had a chance to do my research of where we were being dropped off. The clubs were expensive and we werent close enough to the Wharf to walk there. We made it back to the last shuttle back to the ship .. they really packed us all on - I ended up sitting on top of the little cubby hole for the toilet! LOL The walk back to the ship and then climbing back up onto it was a pain in the ass - especially in heels! F*** that - never again! I will take pics tonight or tomorrow of the ridiculous gangway and how we have to climb down from the ship. (tho seeing the ship in a real dry dock is cool as hell)

Pics from yesterday:

We are planning to go to the Wharf for dinner tonight - I was able to do my research so I know we can take the cable car from Union Square where the shuttle drops us off, down to the Wharf. Tomorrow Andrea and I are going to go to the Zoo. I am excited about that! Then Monday morning I am heading home for a week. Better get packing up the stuff I am taking home!!

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You look good in a hard hat!!!! :-)