Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rated X

13 Sept 08
Approaching Victoria BC

I am not sure where to start - my head hurts, I am tired and I probably need a drink to straighten me out; does that give you a clue about how the RLD party went? :) I didnt leave there till almost 4am - and I am never there that late LOL

The party was a hoot - not as many people dressed up as I thought there would have been. Of course my girls dissed me once again for getting into fancy dress - the buggers!! I was pretty proud of my outfit - I mean I wasn't dressed like the Cruise Staff girls, but I don't have the body for that anyway. So I will warn you - there are some pretty provacative pics - give people alchohol and a stripper pole and who knows what craziness will happen!!! :)

Red Light District Party:

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Kelly said...

LOL - you guys are crazy!!! You looked great, too bad not everyone has been dressing up for the parties. You'll need to kick their butts if they keep skipping on that :)