Thursday, September 25, 2008

Talk About "Batten Down the Hatches"

25 Sept 08

Well holy crap!!! (said Peanut style of course)

We left Seattle yesterday and everything was fine .. about dinner time tho the winds started to pick up and the ship started to really sway. I was laying down and Andrea called me for dinner (we are always together now - its like WE are dating .. LOL) and when I got up I was like "whoa!!!" the ship was sooo un-steady. We were bouncing all over the place .. it was bad up where my cabin is on Deck 10 Fwd (basically right on the bow) By the time I got down to her cabin I was really feeling it and it wasnt pleasant! :(

Captain made an annoucement that we were in a very heavy head wind and that we needed to stay off all the upper and outdoor decks because we have so much stuff on the decks. (construction stuff, etc) It didnt sound like they knew about this since they would have secured it much sooner.

At dinner we noticed that we had stopped and were no longer rocking as bad. Turns out we had to stop and then change direction to get the ship to stop rocking as much .. because there was so much crap sliding around, and the 'movies under the stars' screen was looking like it was going to fall!!! Holy crap - could you imagine?!?! It was only put in the day before .. 5 million dollars for the tv, screen and sound system .. OMG!!!

It was a little better after we had stopped - but I still went and laid down. I took a dramamine just in case .. (only the 2nd time I have ever needed to) I felt much better after I snoozed for a bit.

Kay called me around 7.30 to see when I was going to go up to the wardie - so I picked her up on my way around 9pm. It was a normal wardie night ... the usual suspects (ok well, minus a LOT of them since they all went home .. booo hooo)

I was up there till about 1am then came home and passed out! I was up a lot b/c the ship was doing some serious rocking in the wee hours of the morning and I had a headache. Ugh. So needless to say, I spent the day in bed .. in and out of napping .. watched tv, would nap, then went to lunch, then back in bed to watch some more tv and then nap. That went on until dinner .. it was kind of nice actually. I really need to do laundry .. but I couldnt be assed today.

Tomorrow Andrea, Val and I are getting up at 5am to watch us sail under the Golden Gate for the first sail under it .. then of course we will go back to bed LOL!! Of course I will take pics :)

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