Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pit Stop: San Diego

23 Oct 08

So yesterday the Captain comes on around 3.15 and tells us that we are going to have to stop just outside San Diego to medically disembark a passenger. I had already heard the rumors, but no one would (or could) confirm anything; we even heard that the pax might be getting helivac'd off. That would have been cool (for me)! Anyway I knew something was up early that morning when I got up as the seas were almost like glass; so I knew we were more inland to the coast than we normally are.

We stopped right outside the breakwater (so we didnt have to pay to dock) and a US Coast Guard vessel came out to get the passenger and his wife. Turns out this guy was a bit of an idiot! Had been in ICU for the last week; checked himself out on Monday and got on the ship on Tuesday. Sorry - but seriously!?!? Who does that?!?

I went up on the porch at 4 when I was on my break to take a look around, get some air, etc. Nothing really to see with the passenger disembarking, so I just chatted with a bunch of crew who were outside as well and then took some pics of the battleships that were sailing around:

After that, I went for my nap :)

Last night was formal night, as well as an hour forward, so there was no way I was going out. I am tired as hell today as I didnt sleep really well. Had wierd dreams about the ship crashing into a forest, breaking the bow off, then it became a Duck Tour and was driving all over the city. I know - freaking strange. And I didnt even have any booze last night!! (oh wait - maybe that was the problem LOL)

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