Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm Home!

1 Nov 08
Long Island, NY

YAY - I am home again .. the more I come home, the more I like being here. Sigh. I really think this next contract will be it for me. But I said that before too :) We'll just have to see!

A few nights before I left, the Wardie held its Halloween Party as well; it was also basically my leaving party too since it was going to be the last major get together before I left. It was a crazy night; Becks and I ended up in the bakery stealing food! LOL Here are the pics:

I was hanging big time the next day .. oh well LOL I can dry out on leave. Oh, except for my brothers wedding next weekend! :) I cant wait for that; I am so excited!

Between now and then I need to clean up my room; its in a state! As well as put any clothes I am not going to need for the next contract away. Plus help Mom get the house in order for guests. Will probably need to help my brother do some last minute errands, but I dont mind at all.

I will check in again


Kelly said...

I can't wait to hear about the wedding, sorry my no-rain dance didn't work :(

Arganteilin said...

Stacy Dawling,

How are you sweetie? This is your new friend and ex-pax Michele. Just thought I would write and let you know you were one of the nicest people on the ship and made my vacation a hell of a lot of fun....
Katie sends her love and says you have the patients of a saint, for having to put up with all the crap you do from the rudest a_holes I have ever seen.
Anywho have a fab time at your bro's wedding and hug your Mom a hundred times before you leave on your next contract (you know your going back for more).
1-562-331-9235 if you feel like calling