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Allure of the Seas - Day 1

Allure of the Seas
Feb 21, 2016

After some breakfast at Einstein Bagel Bros across the street, and a quick run down to Walgreens (my toothbrush broke in half in my bag!) we were back at the hotel and waiting downstairs for our cab before 10.15am.  Could you tell we were excited to get on the ship?!?

Deb and Bob were also going to take a cab from their hotel at the same time.(they stayed at the Renaissance Ft Lauderdale Cruise Port (for $20 less per night and said it was MUCH nicer)) and meet us inside at the pier.  It timed out perfectly as they were right in front of us going thru the security line.  

We somehow lost Deb and Bob in the boarding process, so we headed to the Windjammer.  Door to door we were having lunch in just over an hour!

We had lunch and then our cabins were ready so we went to check it out and put down our stuff.  Cabin was nice - Cabin 12653 - it was a interior balcony overlooking Central Park.  (we had chosen that one when we booked the year before)

So after putting down our carry-on bags, we grabbed our SeaPass's and headed up to the pool deck.  It was a nice, sunny afternoon and it was "frosty beverage time" as Laurie calls it.  Deb and Bob found us a little while later, sitting with our feet in the pool and drinks in hand, and we made plans to meet at Bolero's for pre-dinner drinks.  After a while we went for a walk around Central Park to look at menus at some of the specialty restaurants to see if we wanted to make any reservations.  We ended up sitting down in the Aqua theater to chill for a few minutes, when Laurie got a brilliant idea!  "Let's go to the Champagne Bar now, get a drink and we will already have a seat when they call for the muster drill"  Man, there's a reason I like to travel with her :)  So off we went.

Drill was nothing to talk about other than the cute "Wash Your Hands" video they made you sit through during the drill announcements.  (keep this in mind for future postings)  Once it was over, we went for a walk to watch sail away and ended up on the aft of deck 5, which ended up being a fantastic place!

When we got out to sea, we headed back to the cabin and by then our luggage started to arrive so the unpacking commenced!  We got unpacked and settled in to our home for the next 7 days.

We headed for drinks about 7pm, because we had a 7.45 dining time, due to My Time Dining.  We were sat fairly quickly and within 10 minutes we weren't going to like it.  Our waiter was nice enough but you can tell there was no interest in knowing us, since we wouldn't be with him the next time.  I wasn't a fan of that.  After dinner we asked a Host if we could switch to Traditional Dining for 8.30.  He took our cabin #'s and said he would leave us a letter the next day to let us know if we got it or not.

We had tickets to the Aqua show (called OceanAria) that night at 10.45 so we wandered around the Boardwalk a little before making our way to the theater to wait to get in. It was actually getting quite windy, so I wasn't sure if they would do some of the stunts (we had seen a similar show on Oasis, called Oasis of Dreams), but they did not disappoint and it was amazing!!  

After the show ended, we were all pooped from a long first day so we headed back to the cabins.  We told Bob and Deb we would be on the "beach pool" side (zero entry pool that looks like sand) and would save them chairs the next morning and would see them then.

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