Saturday, November 26, 2016

Allure of the Seas - Take 2 - Day 4

August 3 2016
Falmouth, Jamaica

We had a late docking in Jamaica, so we said we would all sleep in a bit.  Mom had coffee delivered around 8.30am and then we went and sat on the balcony for a bit. I think Mom really enjoyed that.  Once Ash and Aunt Ginny (AG for short) were up we decided to try Johnny Rockets for breakfast instead.  Wasn't too bad of a wait and breakfast was a change of pace from the Windjammer. By then we were docking, so after breakfast we went back to the cabins to watch and then get ready to get off the ship.  I didn't make a plan for a beach - it was midweek and knew the Mom's might be 1) a little crispy from 3 days in the sun and 2) wanted to do some major shopping.  Falmouth's port is excellent for shopping of every kind. 

We got off the ship around 11am and Ash and I decided we would stay with them for a while and then go back on the ship for some pool time later.  The first store we were in, they looked at everything.  Every. Single. Thing.  We went and sat outside and decided we would NOT be staying with them all that long LOL  She wanted to pick up a few souvenirs for the girls at work, as did I, and I always get my hair braided on a cruise and I like the girls in Jamaica, so I wanted to do that.  We went with them to the 2nd store, Del Sol, and then told them we were going to go do our own stuff and then catch up with them in a bit.

We walked around a little, picked up a few souvenirs and then went to get my hair braided.  Ash then went to go find the Mom's to see where they were and would come back to where I was in about 15.  She came back - she had found them in only the 4th store.  They were seriously slow shoppers! When I was done, we went to look for them and could not find them anywhere.  We looked in every store and no dice.  We knew they couldn't get lost (the ship looms largely over the port) so we knew we could leave them.  We went back on board by about 2 and then went up to the pool.  We had a nice day but every so often we wondered where the Mom's were!  Ash even called the rooms a few times, but nothing.  

At 5pm the Mom's come strolling up, packages in hand and looking relaxed!  Turns out they went to Margaritaville for drinks and lunch around the time we were looking for them.  Then did more shopping.  AG was in love with a ring, but was on the fence about it so Ash went back with her to look at it. Mom stayed with me for a few minutes to relax and put her feet up.  They came back about 20 mins later and AG was wearing the ring :)  Everyone was ooh'ing over it.  Chocolate diamonds in a rose gold setting.  Very pretty! 

New friends: Ruth and Charlie.  Older couple from Pittsburgh area - but now in FL.  So fun!

I stayed at the pool till about 6.30 just relaxing and reading.  Everyone else had left by then to nap, shower, etc. Sail away was at 7 so I figured I would shower and watch from the balcony.  There was a medical emergency and a family was off loaded :( Looks like the Dad broke his leg pretty badly.  Sad when that happens and the whole cruise is ruined, and now you are in a foreign country going to the hospital.  I know the cruise line does everything they can to get you set up and the port agent takes care good care of you until you leave, but still.  

We all got dressed for dinner and met for drinks at the Champagne bar before dinner.  Dinner was good as always and our wait staff was finally warming up to us and really starting to have fun!  After dinner we had the headliner show, but as we walked to the Promenade there was a Disco Party.  The Mom's were so happy to watch and dance along that we stayed.  It ended in time to go to the Headliner show anyway.  The show was only "Eh".  (as I write this, I can't remember who it was and I didn't put it in my journal - if and when I remember, I will come back and edit)

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