Saturday, November 26, 2016

Allure of the Seas - Take 2 - Day 6

August 5 2016
Cozumel, Mexico

They day before in the pool, Stacy and Dee Dee had told us about a place they were going in Cozumel called Mr Sancho's.  It was an all-inclusive beach club about 15 mins from the port.  They said it was $55 per person for full use of the beach, swim up pool and included all food and drinks.  Since I had planned to take everyone to Channakabb, which is beautiful but doesn't have much of a beach (you walk into the ocean via stairs that go over the rocks), nor is anything included, it sounded like a good deal.  

I knew I would have AT&T cell service in port, so I brought my phone to breakfast.  While we ate, I went online and booked us for Mr Sancho's.  It didn't open till 10am local time, so we didn't have to rush.  We finished breakfast and then headed to the cabins to get dressed for the day.  We were probably off the ship by 9.30 and then walked through the port to head to a cab.  We got caught up in one jewelry store (my fault this time!) as I was in love with this ring that had this awesome turquoise opal on the sides.  I wasn't crazy about the sunburst stone (bright orange) but it was also very different and cool.  I told the guy we had to think about it and after we had to pull his fingers off me (I'm kidding!  But they are very pushy there) we headed to the taxi stand.  

We got to Mr Sanchos just after 10am and seemed to be among the first there.  We got checked in and picked a table (covered with an umbrella) as well as our beach loungers.  Miguel was our waiter and was awesome.  Started us off with some frozen drinks and was always around for whatever we needed.  A woman was walking around with a massage menu and the other 3 jumped on it.  While they did that, I laid on my beach chair and read and kept an eye on the bags at the table.  Everyone came back looking relaxed and really liked it! The Mom's said there was some good shopping so I sent them off.  While Ash and I were laying on the chairs, talking to a newlywed couple from our ship, someone came by offering the pedicure where the fish nip your feet.  She always wanted to try it.  So off she went.  There was no way anything was nipping on my feet so I stayed put.  

When everyone came back we started ordering food.  We were several drinks in by then and needed to eat!  We saw Stacy, Dee Dee and their clans but they were over by the Aquapark - which was a little further down the beach from us - so they had tables down that way. We spent the rest of the afternoon in the swim up pool.  Mom liked that - she sat on a stool at the bar, in the pool with a frosty beverage!  (the ocean had gotten a bit seaweedy as the tide changed) 

We headed back to the ship around 3.  The place starts to clear out so you get the idea that its time to go.  Besides, the Mom's wanted to shop some and I wanted to look at that ring again.  When we got back to the port, we stopped at the silver store I often go to and then we walked by a jeweler on the corner and Mom pointed out the same ring only with a tanzanite stone in it.  Well I was in love!  I had always wanted a tanzanite ring and it had the same turquoise opals on the side.  So after a bit of haggling, and getting to a cash price we all liked, I bought it.  I needed to borrow cash from Mom as she had more than me on her.  (I had more on the ship) As we walked away, she said "Happy Birthday honey" She would give me the cash I used and as she was paying for the ring for my upcoming birthday :)  Thanks Mom! 

The Mom's and Ash wanted to keep shopping but I needed to wee, so I left them to get earrings on their own (Mom wanted silver hoops) and went back to the ship.  I waited on the balcony to watch them come back .. jeez, they were taking forever! Finally I gave up and went in the shower.  

Ash and I had an appointment with Next Cruise before dinner, so we sent the Mom's to wander the Promenade before we headed to get drinks before dinner.  We booked the Adventure for Aug 2017 for a Southern Caribbean cruise (however, as of the time of this being published, we have switched to Harmony in July 2017 to join the Mihalik family) 

Went for drinks and then dinner in the main dining room as usual, and as always was great!  We had tickets for Blue Planet that night after dinner.  I really liked this show in Feb and knew everyone else would too.  It was a combination of singing, acrobatics and dancing (basically the cruise staff from Mamma Mia and Ocean Aria) While we waited for the show, we had a cocktail and they kept coming on saying they were delayed due to a technical issue.  Unfortunately it ended up being canceled due to the issue.  Was disappointed, but hey, it happens.

The next day was a sea day so an early night was ok with all.

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