Saturday, November 26, 2016

Allure of the Seas - Take 2 - Day 7

August 6 2016
At Sea

Pool all day long with our new friends!  We all got up early so we could all save seats together.  Was a great day of sun and fun in the pool. (with frosty beverages of course!)  

Lots of discussion of Next Cruise - Stacy and family are doing the Harmony in late June, but we weren't sure we could go then b/c of Ash's school schedule.  We agreed to meet that night after dinner at On Air to exchange names for friending each other on Facebook.

New Friends - Kristin and her parents and brother - from Bethpage, NY

Sometime around 2pm the Captain comes on the PA.  Since it wasn't his noon report, my crew training kicked in immediately ... something was up!  Turns out we had passed a boat that was not responding to calls over the radio and it seemed adrift.  So the Captain was going to turn back and do a pass to make sure there is no distress.  Even try to "turn around" a 245,000 ton vessel?  Yeah, me neither.  But it was one hell of a wide turn.  So we got out of the pool and dried off and walked along to see where we were headed.  Ash and I ended up in the Solarium as we came about behind it so we would cross its path and could get a close look.  Pretty interesting!  As it got closer and closer, I knew it would pass on the starboard side so we moved back to the pool deck so we could get a spot by the railing and see it for ourselves.  It was a make shift sail boat, that they think came from Cuba (we were in the straights between Cuba and Florida) but had already been marked by the Coast Guard as clear. (the use spray paint to mark it) 

By about 4pm we all started heading back to the cabins as we had to pack :( Boo!


Pre-dinner drinks ensued as usual.  Dinner was great.  We brought envelopes for our wait staff as they deserved more than we had pre-paid.  They were very appreciative! Went to On Air to meet up with the Stacy and Dee Dee clans, and say goodbye :(  Stayed for a bit of karaoke as it was really good! 

Headed back to the cabins to finish packing and put our luggage out 

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