Thursday, December 15, 2016

Independence of the Seas - Day 2

December 4 2016
At Sea
Enroute to Cozumel, Mexico

Didn't have a great nights sleep for some reason, and woke up about 7:20.  Which is late for me for a sea day!!  I lept out of bed and jumped into my bathing suit (I always get my things ready the night before) and grabbed my beach bag and was out the door.  Laurie was going for a walk on the track and said she would be up soon.  I thought I was late, but apparently this group of passengers aren't early birds.  So I got us great seats right next to the pool and it was glorious!

Spent the whole day at the pool, soaking up the sun, in and put of the pool, sipping frosty beverages and having afternoon siestas! They have a big screen at the pool so they put on the games, although it wasn't The Giants or Jets game, but still cool. Nothing like watching football while sitting in the sun at the pool.

Headed back to the cabin sometime after 4 (when I realized the 4pm game was also not going to be a NY game) to relax and shower.  It is exhausting doing nothing all day! The night before, Laurie had noticed that they had a "free gift" for appts made by Day 2 at the Next Cruise desk.  So we had an appt for 7pm; leaving plenty of time for our nightly pre-dinner drinks at Boleros.  Since we had already looked through the book, we knew what we wanted to book, so why not? We booked an 11 night Southern Caribbean cruise for Feb 5 2018.  And it includes St Lucia, which is only 1 of 3 islands I haven't been to!  (Artemis missed St Lucia on a delayed crossing once) We were very excited

Headed to Boleros and they still didn't have Moscato!  Olga tried her best to mix and match some things to try to get a drink close, and she did a great job!  We ended up with St Germain and Champagne - which was pretty yummy.  

Off to dinner, which normally is uneventful but enjoyable.  However, I found a piece of plastic (like a plastic steamer bag the veggies might be cooked in) in my stuffing.  I let our waiter Agnelo know and he immediately got the Head Waiter.  They apologized profusely, making sure I was ok.  I told them I was ok, had not eaten it and was not wanting to make a big deal, just to make them aware.  He asked for my cabin # and said he would let the Head Chef know.  Well not more than 10 minutes later, one of the Head Chef's came out to personally apologize.  He also asked for my cabin #.  Laurie and I laughed and said we know there will be something in the cabin tomorrow!  They really fawned over me.  It was nice to see, but not necessary in my opinion.  However, thinking about it now, I am SURE some passengers just go freaking ape-shit and cry wolf over nothing.  So I get it

After dinner we headed to the show.  It was called An Invitation to Dance and was choreographed by one of the pro's from Dancing With The Stars.  It started off good, but slowly got boring.  Again, it was making us sleepy so we were outta there and off to bed!

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