Saturday, January 7, 2017

Independence of the Seas - Day 5

December 7 2016
At Sea

Laurie and I got up around 7am.  She was headed for a walk, and since I wasn't ready yet, dropped stuff on chairs for us and then I would go up a few minutes later.  

I got up there about 7.30 and it was a beautiful morning!  Laurie was still walking as I sat and enjoyed the peacefulness of the pool at that hour.  The weather looked like it would be good once the morning clouds burned off (which they did)

As usual, we spent the day at the pool.  It got quite warm midday so we were in the pool a lot.  And the Belly Flop Contest was in our pool so we got pool side seat just by sitting on our chairs :)

We went back to the cabin around 5pm to shower and pack UGH :( We didn't want to!!  Reluctantly we did, because we didn't have a choice.  We laughed saying we couldn't wait till our Back 2 Back in Feb, as after the 5 night cruise, we wouldn't have to pack!!! Yahooooo  (and by the end of the 2nd leg, we would be ready to go home)

We finished packing as much as we could and headed down to Bolero's for our final evening there.  We said goodbye to Olga and Charie and gave them each an envelope.  Laur and I like to give out envelopes to those who really made our cruise fun - although they are getting tips for each of our drinks, they provided a great experience and deserve a little something.  We also gave envelopes to our waiter, Agnelo and our Asst Waiter, Yul.  They were quiet (in comparison to some crazy fun wait staff I've had) but they were very good and if they made a mistake, were quick to correct and make it up to us.

We decided to go see the Adult Comedy Show at 10.45 and it was actually good.  Pretty Funny! 

After the show we headed back to the cabin to finish packing and put our things out in the hall and off to bed we went.

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