Saturday, January 7, 2017

Independence Post Cruise / Embassy Suites

December 9 2016
Fort Lauderdale

Slept in a bit since we didn't have anywhere to be.  Went down for breakfast just after 8.30 (it closed at 9) Did I mention this was also complimentary?? Loved it!   

After breakfast we went to the Front Desk to ask about the shuttle to the airport, as well as if they had any availability for Jan 28th (the day before our back 2 back cruises) as we really liked this hotel!!  Unfortunately they have a 2 night minimum for that night - because they are likely almost full from pre-cruisers - so oh-well.  They had a shuttle but it was $10 pp (and I knew Uber would be cheaper so we didn't book it)  When we went back up to the room, Laurie got online as she is a Hilton HHonors member and the woman at the desk said there was a EB in Miami (which is where we are going on the cruise out of anyway)  So Laurie called and got a reservation for that one.  Its closer to the airport, not by the port, but since it has so much in it, we don't need to be that entertained LOL (The Holiday Inn I booked was across from Bayside - the outdoor mall in Miami) 

We got checked out, stored our luggage with Bell Services and headed to the pool.  It had been cloudy all morning but was starting to show some signs of sun.  We wanted to soak up as much as we could as we knew the weather at home was cold.  We spent the afternoon at the pool - we didn't need to leave until 6pm since our flight was at 8.30.  

I called an Uber at 5.45 and she was there in 2 mins. It only ended up being an $8 fare!  So crazy.  I liked it (was my first time using it)  We did curb side check in and went down to security - there was no one there.  So easy! 

We went down by the gate and just relaxed.  Got some Auntie Ann's pretzels .. yum!  Diet started tomorrow, so get it in now LOL 

Flight was so empty - I had all 3 seats to myself as Laurie had moved across the aisle (so she could have all 3 to herself as well)  Flight was fine until the end.  Was very windy at home and landing was umm, interesting?  I hate not being in control and you could feel the plane swaying all over and the engines revving .. was a freaky 5 mins!  Thank god all was fine.  I went to go get the car,while Laurie went to baggage claim.  I knew no one would give me a hard time about parking for a few mins at that late of an hour.  Walking outside was a shocker!  I felt like I got hit in the face with a sheet of ice!  Speed walked to the car to keep warm lol

Drove over to baggage claim and double parked (kept the car running too!) and went inside to get my bags.  Laur had pulled them off the carousel and turns out my large suitcase handle was broken.  I couldn't lift up the lever to pull it.  Had to drag it by the handle grip to get it out to the car.  Now I really needed new luggage!!  

Was home in 10 mins.  Love that!! 

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