Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Allure of the Seas - Day 2

Allure of the Seas
Feb 22, 2016
At Sea

I was awake fairly early (darn internal clock!) and when I peeked out the balcony, I could see it was sunny.  I got too excited to get up on deck to go back to sleep, so I put on my swim suit and grabbed my pool bag and off I went.  

Got up to the pool deck and grabbed 4 chairs together.  It wasn't busy per se, but the professional cruisers were definitely out and getting chairs for the day.  Laurie came up not too long after and I think Bob and Deb were there by 9. They went to get breakfast first, since we weren't starving, as we do a tag-team thing so there is always someone with the chairs.  It amazes me how many people come down, drop nothing but a towel on each chair and then leave for 2 or 3 hours! I will admit I find it slightly entertaining to 1) see people come back for the first time in 3 hours to find out their towels are gone and there are other people sitting in their chairs and 2) people who walk around at 11.30am on a sea day, wondering why they can't get a chair next to the pool.  Its kinda mean, I know, but very funny.

Spent the day lounging by the pool (or in it) and reading. It was a bit breezy so I spent more time sitting on the side of the pool since it was in the sun (our chairs got into the shade much earlier in the afternoon than I would have liked)

We never got anything on our door about dinner, so we went to My Time at our reservation time and asked. As they were "looking into it" the Maitre D came over and asked if we would be interested in Traditional Dining.  We were like "YES!" so they brought us upstairs and we were seated at our table, where we would be the rest of the week

After dinner we wandered through the shops on the promenade and strolled through Central Park and the Boardwalk.  Decided to take in some air and went for a casual lap on the walking track on Deck 5 before heading off to bed

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