Monday, January 2, 2017

Independence of the Seas - Day 4

December 6 2016
Costa Maya, Mexico

We decided we could sleep in today since it was another port day.  So we did and were lazy in getting up.  Had my feet on the wall again for a bit as they just hate all the food and drink!! LOL

Went up to Windjammer for breakfast.  We had decided last night during dinner that we would get off the ship today, but just hang out in the port; they had a cool swim up pool bar and that seemed right up our alley.  After we had breakfast, we went back to the cabin to get dressed and ready.  While there, we both were talking and thought "Why are we getting off the ship to sit at the pool and drink, when we have the drink package and a pool right on the ship?!?"  So we clearly killed the idea of getting off LOL

Went up to the pool, got us great seats and started another beautiful day of .. nothing! (and we love it!!) We sat there all day.  Since it was a port day, they show movies on the big screen at the pool.  They started The Secret Life of Pets and it was so funny to see more adults captivated by the film than kids!  (Great movie for kids of all ages by the way)  

Laurie went back to the cabin around 4, but I stayed till closer to 5.30. When I got back, she had already showered so I jumped in.  Got dressed and ready for our evening.  Got to Bolero's about 7.30 and then off to the dining room at 8.30.  Since we weren't in the DR for Laurie's bday, I wanted them to sing to her again :)  So I had the chance to ask the Head Waiter while she went to the bathroom.  Dinner tonight was our favorite - Fisherman's Plate!!  (lobster tails) Everything was delicious as usual.  And for dessert they brought her a pie of chocolate cake with a candle and sang to her.  She loved it :)

After dinner, we had to stay awake as The Quest was at 11.15 ... but we needed to keep busy. So we went back to Bolero's but after such a big meal, didn't want a drink so just got a bottle of water.  While we were sitting there we could hear Karaoke so we went to check it out at On Air.  Well that was a great way to pass the time - was a lot of fun and some of the people were realy good.  Just as that ended, it was time to go to The Quest anyway (which was right next to On Air) 

The Quest was fun as usual.  We seemed to have a lame team.  Either the people didn't understand how to play, or didn't care to participate.  (we don't usually participate unless its something easy we can give them)  But watching some of the other teams go bonkers was lots of fun!

Once that was over it was after midnight .. late for us LOL  With tomorrow being a sea day, it was off to bed for us!

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