Monday, January 2, 2017

Independence of the Seas - Day 3

December 5 2016
Cozumel, Mexico

Happy Birthday Laurie Lou!! 

While Laurie goes for a walk on the track; I decorate the cabin :-) Afterwards we head up to get breakfast at the WindJammer.  

After breakfast we head over to the pool to get towels, then back down to the cabin to get dressed and pack our beach bags.  Mr Sancho's here we come!

Laurie has never been to Mr Sancho's.  (I had only been once in Aug on the Allure) I was rally hoping she would like it as much as I do! We got there, Marvin got our beach chairs and set us up.  Spent most of the day on the beach, relaxing and soaking up the sun.  We had a few frozen drinks when we spotted the people next to us drinking this green drink over the rocks.  We asked what it was and was told it was called "Liquid Marijuana" LOL  We had to order that!!  And wow, we loved those!  We drank those the rest of the day.  Around the time we were getting hungry, a table right next to where we were opened up, so I hopped up and put my bag on it.  We ordered some food - wings, coconut shrimp, chips and guacamole and quesadillas.  YUM!

After lunch we went to the pool and it was a little cloudy.  But the pool there is so nice so we had a few more drinks and just sat at one of the tables in the pool.  A little while later Laurie went to get a Fish Pedi (where the little fish suck at your feet - BLECH!) while I went back to the beach.  It was starting to empty out, so when Laurie got back from her pedi, we brought the stuff up from the beach and moved it to the pool.  Was starting to feel quite tipsy!!  We went back to the pool for a little bit but I wanted to dry off so I just put my feet in.  

We started to get things together to head back to the port, so we tipped Martin and he asked if we would be back.  Laurie said she loved it and that we were coming back in January.  He told us to ask for him specifically.  (He said you can put the request in when I book it - but as of writing this, I wasn't able to find where I could do that when I made the reservation a few weeks ago; I will email them as we get closer to the date)

We headed back to the port and I stopped at the place Mom bought me my Tanzanite ring as I wanted to get it re-sized.  (was a tad too big) The guy said resizing might pull at the turquoise i the band, but he thought he had another one in a smaller size.  He came back and he did, but the tanzanite stone was a lot darker than mine.  And I liked mine.  So he said he could switch the stone I already had, into the smaller band, so I did that instead. Got a cute pair of earrings too, while he went and did that LOL.  We were tired at this point, so we didn't do any other shopping and went straight to the ship and flopped on the bed!

About 6pm we started showering and getting ready for dinner .. while watching us sail away from Cozumel! We had reservations at Chop's for Laurie's birthday!  I love Chops and its such a great meal and experience.  We went for pre-dinner drinks at Bolero's around 7.15 then went to Chops for dinner.  

What a meal!  Scallops, Crab Cake, Goat Cheese Salad ... and then Filet Mignon!  Oh my, what a meal!  We ordered dessert, but I had called ahead and told them that it was Laurie's birthday.  Luckily, Laurie went to the bathroom and I had an opportunity to remind them (but the Matre' D said he already had a dessert waiting for her)  The food and service there is just Top Notch! 

They came out with a dessert and the plate was decorated to say Happy Birthday Marjorie (her formal name on her seapass LOL) So we all sang Happy Birthday.  And then they brought our regular desserts too.  Oh lordy we were just little piggies but was oh-so-delicious!

After dinner, we walked around the ship a little just to digest, but then we went to bed!  Was a great day but sitting on the beach day drinking, followed by a huge delicious meal got the best of us!! 

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