Friday, December 14, 2007

Here we go

Its already getting closer .. I have my training dates (Jan 8th and 9th) and my date of travel to meet the ship! I will fly to FL on Jan 7th, train at MTN's HQ on the 8th and 9th and then on the 10th I will leave to fly out to meet the ship. According to the web, the ship will be in a few ports in Brazil at that time, so it looks to me like that is where I will be heading ~ WOW!

I was checking the weather .. so much for 80 degree days all week .. since we travel down to the bottom of S America, it looks like it can get quite cold for a few days. So I will be packing my windbreaker, a sweatshirt and jeans. Tho mainly I will still be packing for warm weather.

How am I going to get everything I want and need into a suitcase or two? I am stressing about that ... I need work clothes, casual clothes, dress clothes .. shoes to go with each, not to mention my bathing suit, some gym clothes and PJ's!! Combined with some luxuries from home like my iPod, the speakers and my laptop .. I am going to have a LOT of stuff!

However I am soo very excited .. what an amazing experience this is going to be!!!

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Larry said...

Wow, I am excited as much as you. One thing you have to do for me (please!!!), is if you do go through the Panama Canal, get me a many pictures as you can. I always wanted to go there, and still would love to do it, but the pictures will have to hold me until I finally decide to do it. You can post them on the website :)

Have a blast, be safe! Love ya as always!

Uncle Larry