Friday, December 21, 2007

Oh, the packing!

Who knew ONE person could have so much stuff? And to decide what to bring with me to the ship, and what to leave behind; my brain is going crazy!! I woke up this morning stressing at 5am, that I wasn't going to have enough room for everything I want to take, that I won't have everything I want with me, I will forget something and worse even, that I won't have enough comforts of "home" and will be sad. Yikes, this is hard!

I have a lot of clothes; day work clothes, night work clothes, formal clothes and clothes for time off and being a tourist. PJ's, a windbreaker, bathing suit, sweatshirt, jeans; not to mention sneakers, flip flops and dress shoes. That doesn't include a single toiletry (and we all know how I LOVE toiletries!!) and I still have my laptop, digital photo frame, portable dvd player, camera, video camera .. the list just keeps going. I am trying to keep those things to a minimum, but it is hard.

2 weeks from yesterday I will be out of my apartment and "moving" back to NY; 2 weeks from Monday I leave for FL; and 3 weeks from today I will have flown from FL to Recife, Brazil the day before to meet the ship !!!

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Kim said...

I LOVE toiletries

Understatement of the year...LOL. Your closet would rival a WalMart aisle anyday. :-P