Friday, July 25, 2008

Catching up again

25 July 08

Seems like forever since I last wrote!! Ok, since my last post ..

Last Wed (the 16th) I drove up to NE PA to hang out with Kim at her house and visit some family as well. We had fun (as Kim and I always do - I think we would have a blast in a padded empty room!) and it was nice to see my Aunt's as well.

I was there till Friday afternoon when I drove down to the Philly area; I stopped by to see my ex-sister and brother in law and their new baby Jacob. It was really good to see them and I was so pleased they wanted me to stop by and meet the baby. He is such a cute little peanut!! I was there for a bit and then I went up to Kir's. We had the Kenny Chesney show the next day, so we had to get organized and get our "gear" together.

Sat we were up EARLY .. 6.30! We planned to leave at 7.45 to get down to the stadium for 8.30. Yes, we are serious tailgaters when it comes to Kenny! The lots opened at 9, so we were shooting for then (we are never on time, so we figured we would shoot for 9 and then see what happened) Kir and I got to the meeting point at 8.30 and Deena was on time, but as usual (love ya sunshine) Chrissy was running late :) But it gave the rest of us time to go over to Lowe's and get sand; it all worked out and we pulled into the lot (5 cars) at 9.15am. It took us about an hour to set up everything .. it wasn't what it should have been as some of my tailgating "decor" was in a box that I was unable to get to in storage. (I didnt pack the storage area the right way) The rest of it was in my box that was still coming from the UK, that didnt get there in time. Oh well. I know some of you (especially my UK friends) dont have a clue about what tailgating is, so I made sure to take a few pics of our setup.

We had a blast, but it was effen hot!! I didnt take my camera into the show, I figured it was my only show this year and I wanted to enjoy it as opposed to worrying about taking pics. Which was good because we ended up being further away from the stage than I thought. It was a long day but soo worth it! Kenny looked hot and gorgeous as always! I almost cant wait till I am not working on ships anymore so I can see him more .. going from 8 shows last year, to one show this year is a HUGE difference!

Sunday I went to see Michele, drop off my tailgating gear (her basement is my "storage") and then I got a call from my old partner at my last job, to stop over and see him and his kids. He and I are still good friends and I wanted to see the boys (I had seen him on my last trip to the area the week before) I figured I would stop by there and then head over to my friends Sue's house - I told her I would be there around 4. But while I was at Greg's, Sue had text me and said she was very ill and it wouldn't be a good time to come over. (I told her no offense, but without insurance, I couldn't afford to be sick!) So I ended up staying at Greg's the rest of the day and then he, his wife Molly and I ordered some chinese after the kids went to bed. They asked (Molly begged) for me to stay over there which worked out well, since I was supposed to stay over Sue's house.

Monday I had lunch plans with a big client of mine when I worked with Greg. (he was also a friend; they came to my wedding in FL back in 2004) It was nice to see them and they dropped enough comments about coming back to work for Greg. Not sure how I feel about it. It sounds good, but part of the reason I took this job to work on ships, was to make a clean break of things in my life. After lunch I headed up to Kir's and hung out there until she got home after work.

Tuesday I went to the dealer where I have the lease for my truck to see if there are any good incentives for turning in my truck, getting another one, etc. My salesman was there - Bill - and he is awesome; so not a typical salesman. We talked, he knows my work schedule and he said to email him in a month as there might be some good deals for the 09's that are coming out. He also said he could look into a corporate rate for me to rent a car via the dealer until I was done with ships. After all that - I headed back to NY and home to my Mom's.

Wednesday I went into the city (that would be New York City to those of you who don't know what the words "the city" refer to) to meet up with my friend Carol from CT. We went to see Mamma Mia (the movie) and then went for an early dinner before heading back home. I got home about 8 and then a guy, Mike, who I met online asked me out for drinks (just down the road) so I went out later on with him. We had fun and he is really nice; we have plans for tonight for dinner

Whew! Anyone else tired yet??

Yesterday I did some errands, then went to my brother's place in Brooklyn for dinner with him and Camille (his fiance) We had fun - just ordered chinese and hung out.

Today I am procrastinating on the packing and doing laundry .. I hate it .. I dont want to have to pack already .. ick. I feel like I am still unpacking. Thank goodness for my packing list. I can pack last minute if I need to! :P

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Kelly said...

Whoa, I'm tired just reading all of that! A big night for us is going out to dinner or to Walmart, lol.

Sounds like you've been having a lot of fun, and it's great that you got to see so many people! :-)