Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Catching up ... Copenhagen Denmark

1 July 08

I have to say Copenhagen is probably the nicest major city we have been to in the baltic. It is very pretty, very clean, very upscale and very European. Don't get me wrong, I loved St Petersburg, but that was different. Copenhagen seemed new, even if the buildings had older type architecture looks to them. Of course the weather was fantastic, so that always helps!

After a pretty late night out the night before (it was my "I'm Not Married Anymore" Anniversary party) we all planned on a lie in and then lunch at 12.30. There was no rush to get up and go anywhere since we weren't sailing till midnight from Copenhagen.

Amie, Pierre, Gemma and I had lunch then we all went down to get dressed to go out for the day. We planned to come back later to change since we wanted to go out that night as well. After wandering around by the pier looking for the mermaid (a Copenhagen icon) we took the bus from the pier to the city center and since Amie and Clare had been to Copenhagen on their first cruise, they knew the city. We got off on the main square and then walked down the shopping street. We had a nice wander around and up and down the streets. The girls wanted to shop, so I sat at an outdoor cafe with Pierre while the girls went into H&M. However, they got on a shopping fix, so eventually I left. I was not into shopping at the mo. And I was not about to spend silly amounts of money on things I could 1) get at home cheaper and 2) would have to carry home with me! I wanted to go back and shower before going out that night; so I took the bus back to the pier and did just that. I came up to work for a little bit to check on Christine to see how she was doing. She seems to be getting on well so I think she will be fine come tomorrow when I hand over all the keys, etc to her.

Once everyone came back to the ship - the next plan was to meet at 8 and go back into the city to the Absolut Ice Bar. Supposed to be like the one in Norway, but better; and it was! The one in Norway was in someone's warehouse. This was in an upscale hotel and a posh looking bar. It was pretty amazing. I didn't last too long in there; maybe only 20 or so mins. I really am not liking the cold as much as I used to. I will take the warm sunshine anyday! So one of the new girls from the casino (Marguarite) and I came out and warmed up in the courtyard. The weather was still so nice - even at 9.30pm. I think everyone was out by 9.45 or so. And since we had to be back on the ship by 11.30, we wanted to use our time wisely.

The girls (Gemma and Clare) had spotted a Scottish pub when we were getting out by the Ice Bar that was in the Tivoli Square, so they wanted to go there. Some of us were starving as we hadn't eaten since lunch (other than a hotdog - which are supposedly a popular item in Copenhagen) so we stopped at .. (insert drul roll here) .. Burger King! I tell you, I won't need to be looking for fast food when I get home!! I want home cooked everything .. beware parents!! :)

So after a quick bite we headed over to the Scottish pub where we spent the last hour or so until we had to get a taxi back to the ship. It was a great day!

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Kirsten said...

So what are the bathrooms like at the Ice Bar? Are they normal or do you sit on an ice toilet :) ? Just curious.