Thursday, July 31, 2008

Time to go!

31 July 08

All my bags are packed; I'm ready to go; I'm standin' here outside the door ..


Its that time again folks - I am leaving tomorrow morning at 5am for the airport. I have a 7.30am flight from JFK to Vancouver then a connection to Victoria. I stay overnight in Victoria and then I will be meeting the ship in the early evening when it comes in. (Now if only the ship had a million bucks on it for me - then my ship *really* would have come in!! LOL)

I am soo very excited. I love the adventure of this; new people, new ship, new places to see. Its like I get to start "over" every time I get on a ship. No one knows my past, no one can judge me for what mistakes I made before now. Its amazing to just be ME and let the chips fall where they may. I love it!!

Of course I will be blogging much more now that I am going back out to ships. I am supposed to have wi-fi at the hotel I am staying at, so I will be sure to check in that evening. Don't forget I will be 3 hrs behind East Coast time .. so no early morning phone calls!! :D




Kippy said...

I am very excited for you Stay!!! It will be a great new adventure for you! I am sure of it.

Enjoy and look forward to the blogging to pick back up. I have missed it but glad you had a good visit with everyone.

Chrissy said...

hey there sunshine!!! be safe!!! have fun... i look forward to reading about all the new adventures!!!

Anonymous said...

I miss you already Peaches!