Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ahhh, I have missed the sunshine

16 Oct 08
leaving Ixtapa, Mexico

Man, I tell ya - this is the reason I do this job. I have been to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world; the caribbean, the meditteranean, Mexico and I love them all.

Yesterday we were in Acapulco; I was excited!! Andrea and I headed off the ship around 1pm and as we were getting off, we ran into a bunch of the spa girls who were also planning to head to the beach. So we joined up with them and all 9 of us went - we didnt care where we went, as long as it was the beach and had a bar, food and an ocean! Ahhh, it was great. We sat under the cabanas and had lunch and then we could move out into the sun whenever we wanted. And the margaritas .. OH MY GAWD .. were soo freaking good (and cheap as hell - only $5 for a large frozen one!) It could have been trouble if we had more than a few of them.

Here are the pics:

Today we were in Zihuatanejo (Ixtapa) but it was a half day (only in port 7-3) and I have to work 8-10 and 4-6. Besides it was a tender port and that means crew usually cant get off the ship till around 11am. So it was almost useless. I went up to the Spa at 11.30 for a fill-in and then out to the crew deck to lay in the sun and dunk in the pool. I got some more color today - just a little pink, but I cant help it - the sun is sooo glorious!

I took some pics from the crew deck back onto land - it looked nice but very resort-esque (so I am not sure we would have been able to get to those beaches anyway)

Puerto Vallarta is tomorrow .. and we are going to the beach again .. YAY


Kelly said...

I'm going to have to boycott this journal, not fun having to wear sweatshirts here at home while you're sunning yourself and drinking frozen margaritas!!!



Always enjoy the pictures but you need to hand the camera over and have more picture with you in them!