Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Last of Mexico .. for now

29 Oct 08

at sea; returning to San Francisco .. and I will be returning home!

Backing up - so I didnt go ashore in Zihuantanejo but that was ok .. I had a great day to myself. I sat up on deck, laying in the sun and reading. There was going to be a football game on MUTS and that was great! It was Giants vs Steelers and it turned out to be a good game. I sat in the low part of the pool (just a few inches deep) , sunning myself and watching the game. Cant say many of you did the same watching football last Sunday! :)

Andrea and I went to Paradise Beach in Acapulco - but of course, the sun wasnt really out. So we had some lunch and a few drinks and met up with Meg, Keenan and Brei while we were there. We had an early sail, so we couldnt stay all day anyway.

Monday night there was a Halloween Disco in the crew bar. Any of you who know me well, know I hate Halloween. So there was no way I was dressing up! I ended up wearing my bright orange tee and black pants .. I looked the part LOL But I felt down that night .. I am not sure why really. So I just said I was a "Plump Pumpkin" instead. I left before 1am and went to bed. Here are some pics I took of the disco:

Yesterday and today are sea days .. as is tomorrow. I have been packing in between working and I will be finished tomorrow. Well I have to be as I need to turn in my luggage tomorrow night sometime supposedly (not sure how that works tho) Anyway, I will have a short handover to Emily on Friday morning and my flight is at 3pm on Friday afternoon, direct to JFK.

If there are no other events between now and when I leave .. this will be my last post from the Star. Of course I will post once I get home, as well as pics from my brothers wedding next weekend (the 8th). Then onto the Coral Princess on Nov 19th.


Melissa said...

Have a safe trip home and great time at your brothers wedding!

Jules said...

travel safe today!!