Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Net is Back!

18 October 08
At sea - enroute back to San Francisco, CA

Well holy hell on a stick - the net has been out for 2 days due to an upgrade we had; that then we couldnt get connected back to the satellite. But the pax are going freaking beserk - like I cut off their communications forever - not just for a few days!!! I have been bitched out, yelled at, sneered at and I have been as sweet as pie. "Kill 'em with kindness" It was bad this afternoon; I was already pissed off because the connection wouldn't work and then I couldnt go ashore (In Cabo no less!) and then when I went to my desk at 4 I was yelled at by 2 pax right in a row. After that, I closed up shop and went back to my cabin. There was no way I was going to put up with that. Tonight seems to be a little better; people have calmed down a bit. I am not sure the calm will stay though if we dont get the connection back. (its now Sat night as I type this)
Anyway - back to the fun parts of my job :) Yesterday we were in Puerto Vallarta and Andrea and I just wanted to go to the beach. We told a taxi to take us to Niki Beach as we had heard it was nice. He ended up bringing us to the Westin and said we could use their beach. We asked when we got there and they didnt have a problem with it. Cool! The hotel and grounds were gorgeous - it was like we were on vacation. We ended up going to the pool instead, as it just looked so inviting. We had a light lunch and some fruity cocktails. Then lounged in the pool and on the chairs - it was divine. It reminded me of the Grand Wailea in Maui with the beautifully sculpted grounds. Here are some pics:

We stayed until about 3pm and then I was due to work at 4. I came back to my cabin, but instead of going down to the cafe, I called the Computer Office to see if it was up. (the upgrade started at 10am and could take up to 10 hrs) Turns out the connection was still not up, so I took a nap instead :) I went to work for 7.30 hoping the cafe would be up, or up shortly. It didnt actually come up as they techs were having some trouble. So here I am 24 hrs later and I still dont have a connection.

As I mentioned above, I was trying to help the guys with the connection problem, so I never got a chance to go ashore. I was NOT happy that I missed Cabo; but figured if the cafe came up it would be worth it. Well it never did and I might as well have gone ashore. Sigh Well at least I have one more shot at going to Cabo on the next run down here. I already plan on going ashore the minute I finish work that morning; even if it means going alone!

The net finally came back up this morning - Sun Oct 19th at 10.43am .. 48 hrs and 22 mins after it went out. Was probably 2 of the hardest days I have had! At least some of my pax were great about it - one of my new friends, Michelle (a pax) had come to defend me several times when pax were ranting at me :) And Michael (another pax) gave me $20 this morning and told me I have been wonderful and had such "grace under pressure" and told me to have some margaritas on him next port :) How sweet is that!!!

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