Saturday, October 25, 2008

Seeing Cabo .. From the Ship

25 October 08
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Sigh. I didnt make it to Cabo *again* yesterday .. the tenders took a long time again and we didnt get crew shore leave till 12 noon. So we wouldnt have gotten to Cabo till about 12.30 and we had to be back in line for a tender for 1pm or so. SUCKS

Anyway .. se la vie I will just have to have a proper vacation there! (Suz - divorce party in Cabo?!?! LOL)

I ended up having a good day though anyway .. all the crew were still onboard, so a bunch of the girls went up on deck, got some burgers from the grill and watched MUTS (Movies Under The Stars (or Sun)) while we laid in the sun. We had a nice day swimming, lounging, etc and the weather was beautiful!!

Here are some pics of the view to Cabo .. as well as what MUTS actually is (so my Mom knows what I keep talking about LOL)

Today we were in Puerto Vallarta; the weather was not as nice as last week, but it was still warm of course! We went to a crew hangout; Kristal Hotel .. where they have a pool, beach, swim up bar (yeah we utilized that!) It was fun and we had a good day and even managed to get some sun as well. I dont have any pics other than with my underwater camera; I took the SD card out of my good camera to put the Cabo pics online, and I forgot to put it back.

Zihuantanejo is tomorrow - but I wont go ashore. All the crew has to do safety training (I dont) but why go alone? That's no fun and the locals will just bug the hell out of me more to buy their crap.. so I will just sit up on deck again and work on my tan :)

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Stac - you're on for Cabo but it will probably be sometime around 2025.