Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some people are just so rude

22 Oct 08
heading to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Well even after the internet came up, I still didnt get a full amount of relief. Since it was the end of the cruise, pax were getting their folio statements and then complaining to me that the internet was down/out and wanted FULL refunds. Now normally we dont credit for unused minutes; but since I didnt know the sat was going to be out (and it was planned) I couldnt tell them; so I decided I would credit unused mins for anyone who asked. (oi - money out the window!!) I had a few who just threw their toys out of the pram and were really ridiculous. I only had to do about 3 full refunds in the end. I had one guy who wanted to argue with me; even had me paged via the Purser's Desk b/c he wanted more than the $30 I credited him. Had he been nicer, maybe; but he was such a dickhead. Not to mention - he sounded so much like my exhusband both in voice and manner - that I was holding strong! But boy, I was pissed off after that conversation. I was all fired up it was like I was arguing with Scott all over again .. grrrrrrrrrr! I stomped around my room ranting at my roommate LOL

Any- hoo :)

So yesterday we had our turnaround in San Fran. I had plans to meet some of my fellow WOCS (Work On Cruise Ships) friends; I am still an active member of the group as they helped me so much in getting a job, that I just want to be able to give back to someone else. I met up with Susie, her friend Lynn and Micha Berman. Micha was the one who wrote the book “Permanent Passenger: My Life on a Cruise Ship” that I bought as soon as he had published it. Great book for anyone – whether you want to work on a ship, you have or currently worked on a ship or even for just a good, easy read.

Here is the group of us after we had lunch: (me, Micha, Lynn and Susan)

Susie and Lynn dropped me back off at the ship and then I got back onboard amist a ridiculous amount of passengers trying to get on as well. Lucky for me, I have my crew ID and I was able to skip that huge-ass line. Why there wasn’t a separate crew entrance (as there ALWAYS is) I don’t know.

Anyway, around 4pm I made my normal phone calls to the parents and we set sail about 5pm. I stayed out on deck for the sail away, since it would be my last out of San Francisco. Got some pretty cool shots (in my opinion LOL):

Library has been crazy again and I am soooo glad I am getting off this ship (for the library reason anyway). I have been super stressed trying to do a good job at MY JOB, while trying to do BOTH of these jobs. Apparently I did well as I got 5 (yes FIVE) blue C.R.U.I.S.E cards! So even if everyone else hated me, 5 pax liked me :) LOL

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Anonymous said...

Stac - those pictures are really awesome. I think they may just have inspired me to write a poem. I will email it to you once it's finished.

Love ya, Peaches