Saturday, November 26, 2016

Allure of the Seas - Take 2 - Day 5

August 4 2016
At Sea

I set my alarm for 7am but it never went off.  Luckily, my internal alarm was working and I woke up just after 7.10am anyway.  Raced to get dressed and was still up at the pool at 7.15 LOL  When I got up there, there was no one.  Like NOBODY.  I didn't know if my clock was wrong, or everyone was sleeping in today or what, but I was glad to get up there and get my spot :)

Ash came up around 8 or so and Aunt Ginny a little later.  Mom finally came up at 9 and we all made a big deal to say "Happy Birthday!!" (it was a big # for her, which is how this cruise came about in the first place)

We planned to stay at the pool all day; since it was a sea day, where else would I be?? At one point early on I told AG to keep Mom busy and I went to decorate our cabin with Ashley.  I bought streamers and banners for the cabin and cabin door.  We were done in under 15 mins.  We went back up to the pool and she was none the wiser :)  It was a gorgeous day, even if it was hot.  (I'm not complaining!!) Just meant you needed more frosty beverages and to get in the pool! Hung out in the pool a lot with our drinks.  Perfect day if you ask me!

New friends - Stacy and Jeff (and kids) from Delaware.  And Dee Dee and Anthony (and kids) from Ohio.  Love them!!  Such awesome families! I particularly loved Stacy's youngest daughter --- that kid was a riot!! 

After enough sun for the day, we headed back to the cabins to relax and shower. Ash and AG came to our cabin at 7am and we had a little party for Mom.  Gifts for her and she was loving the attention.  (she says she never wants anyone to fuss, but who doesn't love to be spoiled a little?) 

We had tickets for the Ice Show at 7.30.  While I wasn't crazy about it when I saw it in February, the rest of the gang hadn't seen it.  And the Mom's were so easily impressed by this ship, we couldn't skip it.  So we had our pre-dinner cocktails at the show and then headed to dinner.  It was Lobster Night in the dining room and we weren't missing that for anything!! 

Dinner was fantastic. Mom was thrilled she could get more than one lobster tail and impressed that the waiter would take it out of the shell for her.  She's cute! #FirstTimeCruiser  I had pre-ordered a chocolate cake the day before to come out and they could all sing to her.  It was great!  She really lapped it up.  The cake was yummy too!  And we brought the leftovers back to the cabin.

On the way back to the cabin, we stopped in Dazzles as they were doing the Battle of the Sexes.  We stayed for a bit, but when Ash caught me dozing off, it was time to go! 

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