Saturday, November 26, 2016

Allure of the Seas - Take 2 - Day 3

August 2 2016
Labadee, Haiti

Mom and I got up about 7.30 and just in time, as we were already docking in Labadee.  Ash and Aunt Ginny were also up and could wave to them from our balcony.

Since it was just a beach day, there wasn't a big rush to get off the ship.  So we got dressed and met up for breakfast.  We then went back to the cabin and got our beach bags ready for a day on the island.  We were off by 9.30 and walking to the beach 

Ash and I like Nellie's Beach and we took the Mom's there again.  I reminded them all to bring small bills in cash.  Even though you use your SeaPass to pay for drinks, the locals appreciate the tips and will basically get you whatever you need, all day long.  So as we got to Nellie's, we rented Floaty Mats, and our cabana guy brought them down to the beach for us, got us 4 chairs right at the water line, and made sure he found a cabana guy to "check on us" for drinks.  

It was quite warm so I was already wanting to get on my mat and in the water and sun.  Ash and I floated way out to the ropes to get into deeper water, away from the crowds at the shore line.  But once the Mom's wanted to come in the water, we went back to shallower water. My Mom can't swim but she will wade.  We even got her to sit on the floaty mat and relax with a frosty beverage .. a Labadoozie :)

We went for lunch at the tail end as to avoid the crowds and went over to Adventurer's Beach to eat.  After lunch, we walked to Adreneline Beach and watched the zip liners and the other parts of the island.

We went back in the water after lunch for a nice swim but since everyone was getting a little crispy, we headed back to the ship around 3pm.  The Mom's went for a nap, but Ash and I went up to the pool deck to relax in the shade.  We cat-napped and read up there for a bit. We headed back to the cabin around 5.30 to get showered.  Tonight was the night we were going to dress alike for White Screen pictures.  We agreed to meet at 7.30 in white pants and teal tops. 

Well, we were a sight!  4 blondes in color coordinated outfits.  We got a ton of compliments all night long!  After pictures, we went for pre-dinner drinks at the Champagne Bar  and went back to the Main Dining Room for our 8.30 seating.  

After dinner, we went to the Love & Marriage Game Show.  Its one of my favorite shows.  It wasn't the best one I've ever seen (was very slow in some spots) but was still funny.  Wandered the Promenade after and headed up to bed just after midnight.   

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