Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm Baaaack!

2 Aug 08
Ogden Point - Victoria, Canada

Well I have been on the ship since 5pm and I have already worked what feels like a full sea day!

I have been all over this ship 3x at least and I still have no idea where anything is other than my cabin and the pax cafe; but I guess that is ok. Not sure I can find the mess - but that might help me with my diet! LOL

I unpacked a lot tonight and now I am in the cafe - the connection here is AWFUL!! I have been working my ass off and I have only been here for an hour and a half .. UGH .. I hope the connection isn't like this all the time - I might go overboard!

Anyway - my last pax is *finally* leaving, so I am closing the cafe and heading right to my bed!! I am freaking exausted .. I will write more tomorrow, I promise!

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