Saturday, April 5, 2008

Going Out With A Bang!

5 April 08
Departing the Caribbean to cross the Pond .. so sad :(

Today we were in Tortola – part of the BVI’s (British Virgin Islands) It was soo beautiful! Reminded me a lot of St Thomas – wonder why?!? Well it is only 20 mins away by ferry! Reminded me of the Mihalik Family Reunion Cruise last year .. wished they all could be on this cruise with me!!! :sigh:

That being said – we had one of the best “tourist” days to date! We went to Dolphin Discovery and went swimming with the dolphins! OMG, it was amazing! I had done it before, once in Ocho Rios in my last life, and this was soo much better! We ended up getting almost 2 hrs with them .. which was FAB! Tanya didn’t swim, so she took some pics for us. I bought 2 pics of me .. one dancing with Hippo and one getting a kiss from him. I will get someone to scan them so I can put them up. Amie and Clare bought the DVD’s, so I will get it and copy it, then upload it to the net as well. The DVD is the best since obviously the photo guy could get places Tanya couldn’t (like the docks) But you guys are going to have to be patient as I need to get it worked on tomorrow and then see about uploading it. It is only about 10 mins, so it should only take me 17 hrs to upload it on this slow-ass connection :P Ha ha

We had so much time with them – almost 2 hrs! We met lots of dolphins, not just the same one or two. And we met two babies! It was so neat. We got a kiss, a dance, a dorsal fin tow and a foot push! I can’t explain it any more .. so I will leave you to the pics.

Here are the pics from the Dolphin Swim:

And here are pics I took before and afterwards .. of the place, the island, the beach we went to afterwards (Cane Garden Bay) It was beautiful!!

That's it for the caribbean .. we are now back out in the Atlantic heading across the pond! We get into Madeira around lunchtime on the 11th. (The 11th is my 3 month anniversary of being out here! Can you believe it?)


Kippy said...

Wow - looks like you had a lot of fun. Bummed you are leaving the Caribbean but looking forward to your future adventures. It is so fun to read your blog.

3 months already! Wow! But you fit it perfectly so definitely was what you were meant to do.

Have fun!

Pip said...

Reminded me of the Mihalik Family Reunion Cruise last year .. wished they all could be on this cruise with me!!!

Hopefully, you didn't run out of money like those crazy, irresponsible Mihalik Kids!!

Pip said...

"Ah, Dad could you meet us with some money"

Kelly said...

How cool! Looks like it was an awesome day :-)

Chrissy said...

looks like a great day... what fun!!
again very, very jealous...

congrats on your three months!!!