Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I don't like Turkey anymore ..

29 Apr 08
departing Marmaris, Turkey

The town was fine .. good .. great even. Cat and I went ashore together .. we were docked at the edge of a really pretty marina, with some lovely yachts in it. We wandered around it and into the little town .. then went for lunch at Pineapple. YUMMY!!! I had a Greek Salad and pizza .. was almost as good as Aegean Pizza back in Holbrook, NY ... but the dressing on the salad is just oil ... not like back home.

Anyway .. after lunch, we went for a walk around town .. and of course I was taking pics. When I finished taking a few, I had turned around and stepped into a little hole .. more like a little valley in the cement that I think is for water run off. Anyway, I mis-stepped and then when I tried to catch myself, fell over the curb that was right next to it. :( :( I have a bad scrape on my right shin, and my right hip is bothering me. I am upset as all hell .. cause you know how embarrasing it is to fall. You feel like an idiot .. cause you have been walking all your life and then you just fall, like you are back to being a toddler. Grrrr

So needless to say, I did not have a good rest of the day .. I tried to walk it off - but it was still sore, so Cat and I went back to the ship about an hour or so later. I took a nap, hoping that resting it would help. It is still sore! I am going to take some of my good drugs that I have with me for cases like this and just go to sleep. That will be of course after I call my Mommy .. I need a virtual hug ..

Here are my pics:


Don't mind the pic of Cat's bum - she asked me if I was taking pics of her bum since I was walking behind her (only cause I was slower .. and hell, she has LONG ass legs) and when I told her no, I then took a pic of it anyway :)

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Kelly said...

Aww - here's my virtual hug for you!


Man, wouldn't it be nice to have one of those yachts and just be able to cruie the world whenever you want? :-)

And I think at some point you should do a photo book of all of your beautiful flower shots!