Sunday, April 20, 2008

Palma, Mallorca

20 Apr 08
en route to Nauplia, Greece

Had a great day yesterday in Mallorca (pronounced My-York-ca) also spelled Majorca. Really pretty little harbor town .. and had a field day taking pics! Some really beautiful archetechture!!

There was a nice cathedral .. but unfortunately, we didn't know it closed at 2pm on Saturdays and we had taken our time getting over there. :sigh: Oh well .. it wasn't one of the churches I really want to see on this cruise, so its all good.

Here are the pics:

We are at sea today and tomorrow - then we start our 5 day port run. Athens included and I got picked for a Tour Escort .. sooo wooo hoo - free tour :) YAY. So stay tuned for that on the 23rd .. (jeezus - can you tell I am excited for Athens - I have talked about it in every post lately!)

Been hanging around with Matt a bit .. mostly in the crew bar and it all seems pretty cool actually .. last night we watched some ep's of Season 3 of The OC that I have not seen .. god I miss American TV!!! Now I am all addicted to it again and want to watch the next ep .. like NOW!!

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