Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sea days .. update .. crew bar .. etc

12 Apr 08
More sea days .. on our way back to Southampton

Got into Madeira around 6.30 last night .. got out about 12.30 .. was on IPM so I didn't go ashore, but that was ok. We are heading now up the coast of Spain and Portugal on our way back to the UK for our April 15th turnaround. This cruise went a lot faster than the days of the other one. I am not sure why .. but thank goodness cause these pax are nothing but a big pain in the ass!

Ok .. lets see .. update on me .... I thought I mentioned it before, but I know I didn't since a few of you have asked me about Ash .. anyway, for now I have asked to cool things off. It is too hard with him being in India and me being out here. If we get to the next ship together - great, we can see about picking up where we left off. But if we don't .. it would be a shame to spend all this time apart only to be dis-appointed all over again. It is also possible that he will meet someone else and I will meet someone else. So for now, we aren't together as a couple. We do chat online almost daily .. which is good because we started as friends and worse case scenario, we will always remain friends in the future.

So we will see what happens in the coming months as I find out about my next assignment. Usually they send out the availability list about 3-4 wks prior to my sign off date .. so basically late May or early June I will know what ships will be available to me for the end of July when I am due back from my vacation. Keep your fingers crossed that my sign off date is June 28th ....

Nothing too much in the crew bar .. as I said in previous posts .. the time change and long working hours on sea days has us all knackered. However, last night there was a Galley Party on the aft mooring deck (basically the "ass" of the ship LOL) And since they took the speakers from the crew bar .. we decided to crash it. It was basically about 10 girls .. and Johnny from the band LOL .. We brought our own booze .. we just wanted a cool place to hang out. Once we realized all the Indians and Phillippino were oogling the girls .. we knew Chef wouldn't kick us out :) He wanted his guys to have some eye-candy if nothing else. Here are the pics:

Turned out to be a bigger party night than any of us expected - most of us didn't get to bed till the weeeee hours of this morning. But it was a good time and I think a lot of us needed it .. it has been a hell of a cruise. Leavers Disco is tomorrow night .. should hopefully be a good time as well :)

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