Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Cruise .. off to the Med!

16 Apr 08
Bay of Biscay; North of Spain and Portugal

Yesterday was turnaround day .. busy for everyone .. though it is an easy morning for me :) Only day ALL cruise I can sleep in .. yay!! I was in bed till 10.30am .. it was wonderful .. could have easily gone back to sleep, but I did have to take care of a few things in the cyber and I wanted to go into town for lunch.

Went to the town of Southampton (called So'ton on board) and went to the mall .. wow! It was like a real, proper mall .. I felt so at home :) Went to Quiznos for lunch - do you know how long it has been since I had a hoagie?? It was close and their sandwiches are yummy, so I was in temporary heaven. Then wandered a bit and went into Asda next door - which is Walmart in the UK. (actually is owned by Walmart) so I did a little shopping there. Headed back to the ship about 2.30pm as I needed to get the Cyber ready and the manifest loaded with the new pax info.

So far so good on the pax - they seem nice and are fairly savvy with the computer as well. Got some good news from the MTN home office, which gave me a renewed energy for this cruise. I actually made the target for the World Cruise (S American Odessey) afterall!!! They are calculated a little differently than the normal cruises and I knew I had come close in January and February - so I guess with the different calculation .. it made it! YAY!!! So I will get a nice little bonus in my next check. Whew!!!

Leavers disco was the other night .. was a really good time and again was out late .. but hey, I will sleep when I am dead! (that one's for you Chrissy! Get writing that song, would ya?) Here are the pics:

We have 2 more sea days before our next port .. which will be Palma (Spain) I am truly excited for this cruise as far as the ports .. mostly for Athens, Greece. It was on my Must See list and I am going to be able to tick it off in just another week :) Woooo hoooo .. I do have an awesome job!

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