Thursday, May 1, 2008

Catching up ...

1 May 08
en route to Zakinthos, Greece

Ok, let's see .. after my stumble in Marmaris . .. that night I got into bed right after work. I was really hurting!! :( Took some pain meds as well as a muscle relaxer. Got into bed and read for a bit, then went to sleep around 1am. Of course, that was after I called my Mom to whine about it .. funny how you get homesick when you don't feel yourself, eh? Slept pretty good except for the morning - since the meds were wearing off and I was moving around and woke up on my right side where I was sore.

Went to the Medical Centre and saw the Doc (Nketchi has left - so I saw Jonathan) and he checked me out, had me do some movements and pushed and poked me till he was satisfied that nothing was broken or fractured. Said I was just banged and bruised in the hip, that I had twisted my knee and the scrapes on my shin were ok. So he said to take my Celebrex daily for a week and double the dose (I only take it when I have pain) and to use the pain meds when needed.

So yesterday (30 Apr) we were in Rhodes, Greece. I was looking forward to it, since it is supposed to have some beautiful beaches. Yeah, well .. it was pouring rain all morning! Eugh .. well, that's not good beach weather! So Cat and I had decided we would just go to lunch .. but by the time lunch time rolled around, it was still raining .. plus it was damp and I was just NOT in the mood to be running around in the rain *again* (Istanbul had me splashing in puddles all day long) So we grabbed some lunch onboard and I went to my bed .. laid down to read for a bit, then of course took a nap :)

Last night was a crew BBQ on the aft deck - so I worked till about 10.30 then got Cat and she and I went up. It was fun, but I still wasn't myself and so many of my friends commented on it. They wanted me to feel better and get back to my normal self .. I had a few glasses of wine but it wasn't a big "piss up" like it would have been if I was feeling ok. Hung out till about 1ish then headed off to bed .. walked out with Amie, Pierre (new shoppie) and a few of the galley and bars guys.

Funny story - we were walking down the M1 (aka I-95, as it is the main highway through the ship on deck 1 - starts all the way Fwd at the Crew bar and goes all the way Aft to the Galley) and we all just stood chatting for a few watching some of the contractors play ping-pong. Well one of the guys goes to dive for the ball and decides to jump across the table .. the whole thing collapes in half!! It sounds bad, but it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny! Like it happened in slow motion .. and we all were cracking up .. but then noticed he didn't move. So when a few people went over to him to see if he was ok, it turns out he was laughing so hard, he couldn't get up! LMFAO!!! Good times ..

So today we were in Heraklion Crete (Greece) but unfortunately .. it is May Day here, so everything was closed. There was a rumor that a few restaurants were open in town .. since there were 4 cruise ships in you would think more would have opened ... but then we heard there was a Pizza Hut .. YUM! Yes, I know - I have eaten in Pizza Hut's all over the world! It was like when I went to Europe as a kid .. ate in every McDonalds from the Alps to Berlin :) So Amie and I grabbed a cab up to the main square (it was up a big hill - wouldnt have been able to walk the mile UP hill with me being sore) and then went to lunch. It was nice .. cause the place was set up like all the other outdoor cafes .. just except that it was yummy Pizza Hut! :) After lunch and being little piggies, we decided we should walk it off and walk back to the ship since it was downhill. It wasn't too bad .. it was a shame everything was all closed up though. :shaking head:

So not much going on tonight .. going to take it easy as we have a disco tomorrow night. Its Ladies Night .. we aren't sure what that actually means .. we are getting 2 different answers from the Crew Club. 1) is that the Ladies ask the Guys to go with them - like a date .. and 2) (which I like better) is that the guys buy drinks for the ladies! Yee hawww LOL

Tomorrow - Claire, Amie, Gemma (another new shoppie) and I are planning to go to the beach .. the weather is supposed to be nice and the beaches are supposed to be beautiful. We haven't been to the beach (or even up on deck to lay out) ALL cruise .. I am losing my tan :( Wish us good weather!

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Pip said...

WOW - that was a long one!! SWEET.

Hope your hip and scraps are feeling better soon. Rest up as much as possible.