Thursday, June 5, 2008


5 June 08
At sea - heading back to So'ton

Not too much going on today - its a sea day and the last day of the cruise before turnaround tomorrow. Yesterday we were in Stavanger, Norway; I didn't go ashore though. First of all we were completely all knackered after being up until the wee hours of the morning .. and the shoppies had to receive a delivery and do a stock take, so they weren't going ashore. So without them or Cat to make me go .. off to bed I went :-) We are back in Stavanger 2 more times over the next two cruises, so it wasn't a big deal at all. Instead caught up on laundry and much needed SLEEP

The night before we had the Leavers/Joiners Disco and it was a GREAT time .. I don't know why, but everyone was in a party mood that night. Seemed by the time I got there at 11.30 half of the crew bar was already pissed! The disco itself was good ... Amie and Cat were sorely missed though :(

After the disco, a bunch of us all went to the crew deck on deck 4 .. since it was still going to be somewhat light out. It was weird!! I mean it was dark - but the sun was still off in the distance (under the horizon) so it was trying to come up already or something. Wacky if you ask me. There was lots of silliness going on; was quite the party as more people kept showing up. I don't know how we didn't get in trouble .. since that deck is right on the bow and is completely overlooked by the bridge above. Guess the guys on watch thought it was more funny than annoying, so no one from Security was called on us :-)

Once we were too cold to be out there any more .. we headed back downstairs. The crew bar had cleared out, bar a few of the guys playing pool. So we went to Clare's cabin and then across the hall to Jack's cabin (one of the guys from Stores) they had a bigger cabin, so we all hung out in there for a while. Then of course the "Mad Midnight Munchies" attacked .. so off to the crew mess we went ... got some cool pics through the porthole of the sun really trying to come up - this was like 3.30am!

Anyway - here are the pics from the Disco and the aftermath:

Tomorrow we are back in So'ton and I am getting a vistor .. Sam is driving down from London to spend the day with me !!! YAY .. I am so excited .. it has been ages since I have seen her; and I am having my first visitor on turnaround day! LOL So I will give her the Grand Tour, have some lunch, etc. Should be a good day (now I need to get Alice to clean up her stuff in the cabin - haha!)

Next cruise is the Baltic and a few of our Norwegian ports are repeated .. so I will get off to see the ones I didn't and if the weather is as nice as it was in Eidfjord again, I will surely be going ashore to enjoy a beer with the beautiful scenery.

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