Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Reason To Celebrate!

5 June 08
almost to So'ton

OMG - had to post .. first of all, I will say "Told You So, Amie!!!"

Amie is coming back ... Miss I-Am-Not-Coming-Back-To-Ships-Ever .... tomorrow!!!! She called Hardings and they have an opening here tomorrow since Steph is leaving. So they gave her a month contract .. till the 4th of July. Which is perfect as that is when Clare and I are leaving!

Amie just posted a message to me on Facebook - I had to read it 3 times before it sunk in! Then I took off skipping down the hall to the shops and ran in and yelled it at Clare and Pierre "Amie's coming tomorrow!!" Which they said "we know - she had made plans for lunch with us last week" (she was coming on for a visit tomorrow) And I said "noooo, she is coming back to work .. TOMORROW!" Clare and I did some sort of a Happy Dance/Jig .. then ran down and told Gemma!

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

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