Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oh! What A Night!

18 June 08
At Sea; heading back to So’ton

Bergen was really nice yesterday; Amie, Pierre and I walked around town. Amie was on the search for a troll ornament for her Mum. I was looking for a whale tee shirt for that evening’s disco (more on that later). There were lots of shops and all of it was right across from the harbor, which then becomes this inlet that everything is along side of. We walked to the top of the inlet where the fish market was; it was neat! Lots of fresh fish booths, as well as fruit, meat and then the normal souvenirs. I almost bought a beautiful jacket; one of those thin ones but has the fleece lining and isn’t bulky or anything. It was a lime green one with just a little Norway flag on the left lapel. But they only had up to a Large .. darn! Oh well ..

After walking around for a while, we found our favorite restaurant – McDonalds! It’s the only place we will eat since it is the cheapest. Especially after the most expensive pizza ever in Tromso!! After our cheap lunch (LOL yeah right, it still cost me like $15 for a few cheeseburgers, fries and a milkshake!) we started walking back to the ship. Pierre and Amie had to be at work for 14.45 to take on a delivery they were getting. So they wanted to rest for a half hour before that. That was fine for me .. you know I needed my nap!

Bergen Norway pics:

So .. last night was another disco. The Theme was “What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?” It was the first one that 1) I actually wanted to dress up (in costume for) and 2) one that I thought I could get away with it for. I am supposed to wear my work clothes to the crew bar .. I have been pushing the envelope lately and wearing jeans and tees. But I wasn’t sure if I could get away with it. However, Lizzie (the PSM) overheard me asking for a whistle for my outfit and when I told her what it was for (when she asked) she told me where to get one! So I figured if she didn’t tell me I couldn’t dress up, I knew it would be ok.

I decided I wanted to go as a Marine Animal Trainer. Those of you know me and know how I love that kind of thing; and I truly did want to be that when I was a kid. I wasn’t able to put it together the best way, but I think I did a pretty decent job considering we only had about 24hrs notice to get ideas and a costume together.

Here are the pics from the disco:

Shame was, the disco itself sucked!!! It was really empty as you will see in the pics .. and then the DJ machine kept cutting out, so we didn’t get a lot of music …

I was not feeling my best (I was a bit down in the dumps about some things) and so Amie and I decided it would be best to just get pissed and drink the sadness away. LOL Well we drank ourselves silly!!! Oh my .. it is now 19.30 the next day and I am STILL hung over. I was telling my Dad and he said “Is it from being in the northern areas?” I said, “No, it is from the vodka” LMAO!!!!

We were in Eidfjord today; we were supposed to be tendering in .. And it was only a half-day, so none of us bothered to go ashore. I knew I would be without a sat connection (it’s a dead spot) so I tried to sleep in, but I couldn’t. (the vodka) So I am completely shattered tonight. I will be going right to my bed after work. Will not be passing the crew bar, or collecting any money .. LOL (Monopoly reference)

So now we are back out to sea, heading back to So’ton for Friday’s turnaround. My last one!!! WOW … looking back it seems that almost 6 months has gone by pretty quickly. So as of Friday, I have one more cruise left. Just 2 weeks. Cat is coming down to visit me on Friday so I have to pack up my box (or 2) that she is going to post back home for me. Just random things; fridge magnets, stuffed animals, gifts, etc. Once my handover comes on around the 25th, I will be able to have a little more free time to get packing!!

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Kelly said...

What a cute town! And I love your Monopoly reference ;-)