Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just a quickie ...

22 June 08
Morning at sea

Just a quick hello - will post more later .. on our way into Oslo, Norway now and expect to get in around noon-ish. Working till then to try and get things in order for the new girl who is coming onboard by on the 28th. I have 5 days to show her as much as I can; and this job is a learn-as-you-go as things are always changing.

Will pop ashore just to see what Oslo is all about; weather is grey and chilly :(

Disco last night .. pics to follow later

Still nothing on another ship; have my eye on one that I think will be available in early Aug. So I am thinking it over and planning what to say ~ then I will email our VP and see if I can have it.

"Nothing ventured, Nothing gained"

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