Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Deja Vu

10 June 08
Cruising up to the North Cape
(from Trondheim, Norway)

Well I don't know where the hell the sun is ... no "midnight sun" seen here!! We have been in the "land of wind and rain" for the last 3 ports ... it has been awful! :( Didn't go ashore in our first port, Stavanger as it was raining, windy and cold.

Went ashore in Alesund - but didn't do anything more than go to McDonalds. It was rainy and chilly .. things are too expensive in Norway to really "do" anything. McDonalds alone for me and Pierre was 200 Kroner .. which is 20 quid ... which is FORTY FREAKING DOLLARS. Yes my friends, for McDonalds for 2 ppl. And no, we didn't get anything out of the ordinary. A Big Mac combo for me, plus a cheeseburger and a Qtr Pounder combo for Pierre plus a cheese burger. That should be like $10 bucks back home. *Maybe* $12!

Anyway ... so we are pretty much not spending money on lunch anymore!

Today we were in Trondheim .. woke up, hey - look! Its rainy, windy and cold! Its like the movie Groundhog Day! So after spending ridiculous money yesterday .. and with the weather so crappy, we all went up for a nice brunch after drills then decided to stay onboard and watch a movie. We ended up in my cabin (I have the biggest cabin - go figure!) watching Jeff Dunham and then The Sweetest Thing. Good laughs and lots of fun. Much better (and cheaper) than going ashore anyway. After that everyone went for a nice nap :) Of course the weather started to clear just as the ship was pulling out of port .. RME!!

We are now cruising up the coast of Norway and heading into the Arctic Circle. Pretty cool, eh? We have a sea day tomorrow and then won't arrive in our next port of Honningsvaag until 12.30 on Thursday. If you get a chance, go to Google Maps and look where Honningsvaag is - its at the TOP of Norway .. pretty damn close to Santa up at the North Pole if you ask me! This really will be the "Land of The Midnight Sun" (if the sun ever comes out!) I am going to try to take pics late one night so you all can see how light out it really is up there - if you thought the pics I had from before were light, these should actually have sunshine (from what I am told). It is probably going to be cold as crap up there; but I hope it at least will be clear and sunny; though a little snow would be fun as well! As of now the temp is going to be about 39 degrees the day we get there. Brrrrrrr ... I want to go back to the caribbean!! LOL The good news is it should be mostly sunny! YAY

The other night was our Joiners Disco - which we renamed "Amie's Re-Joining Disco" LOL


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Kippy said...

Wow - you are definitely seeing the world. From the bottom to the top. How exciting.

Keep the updates coming. I love reading them even if I don't comment. It is fun to follow along.

Glad Amie is back. You 3 are quite a crew. Party animals. ha