Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First time for Artemis

3 June 08
Skjolden, Norway

This was a SMALL village .. not even considered a town in my opinion. It was quaint and tiny; not much to *do* per say .. but I enjoyed it as well. Gemma and I were on our own today; Pierre was on IPM and we couldn't get Clare out of bed :-)

Artemis had never been to this "port" before .. so they were very happy to have us. It is a new area for cruise ships and they only get about 6 per year right now; we were the first of the year!

It was a tender port, so once we got ashore we took a look at a little map of the village. We wandered around mostly .. down to the "beach" and up the trail to the waterfalls. Stopped for an ice cream at a little supermarket (and when I say little, it was *tiny*) and walked some more. The good thing about Norway is all the walking and "hiking" as it were. Nothing is flat, that is for sure!

Got some great pictures of the larger of the waterfalls .. reflecting onto a pond that was so still, it was like glass! Also had some nice shots of the ship with the mountains and falls (and snow) in the back drop.

Not sure what the sign "Spill Her" actually means in Norwegian .. but it was a good giggle for Gemma and I so I had to snap a pic

Skjolden, Norway


Tomorrow we are back out of the fjords and onto the coast, to Stavanger, Norway. Then off we go back to the UK for another turnaround. Tonight we have a disco; its going to be soo strange without Cat and Amie there! :(

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Anonymous said...

Hey Peaches - tell me we can go to Norway together some day??? What a beautiful place!!! WOW!