Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back Home In NY (for the week)

29 Sept 08
New York

Flew home today - seems like it took me 3 days to get here, but I am finally here. Mum is doing well and I am pleased to see that for myself. So I have some things to do this week and have to help Mum with some errands, but other than that - not much going on out here! I am missing the ship BIG TIME!! It is amazing how sickly addicted to ship life we can be ...

Anyway, so back tracking to Sat - took some pics around the ship during the day .. mostly of Deck 14 which is our Lido (pool) deck. What a mess!!!

Later that night we headed off the ship and into the city to Fishermans Wharf - I was soo excited .. I love it down there! But before we left the dockyard, I took a bunch of pics of the ship propped up in the dry dock. Take notice of the last pic in this set; that is how high we need to climb *every* time we want to go back onto the ship!! 5 stories up and there is no lift!! Ugh! (luckily it does get a little easier every time)

When we got out of the dockyard, we took the crew shuttle to Union Square and then got on the Powell-Hyde Cable Car down to Fisherman's Wharf. It took a little time, but it was a good experience for everyone since they had never been to San Fran (I had been 2 summers ago with Kim on vacation) We got down there, walked around a bit and then went to Boudin's Bistro for dinner (they are the company that has the BEST sourdough in San Fran!) Was a FABulous dinner ... soooooo damn good. (especially considering how bad the food is during dry dock on the ship - if you want to eat something that is supposed to be hot, too bad - its not!) Ick. Anyway once we were ready to head back to the ship, while we were waiting for a cab, a stretch limo pulled up and I asked how much to take the 5 of us back .. it was $50 .. so $10 a piece - CHEAP! (a cab would have been more like $70 with the meter running) So we jumped in the stretch and back to the ghetto dry dock yard we went LOL. Here are the pics from that night:

On Sunday, Andrea Ina and I went to the San Fran Zoo - I was all proud of myself for figuring out how to get there the cheapest - shuttle to Union Square, walk 3 blocks to Market and get on the L Metro to the zoo - all for $3 per person round trip :) The zoo was really good even if it was cold (damn SF fog!) We all enjoyed ourselves and I got sooo excited b/c I found out they had Meerkat's!! Kim and I wanted to go see them in some other CA zoo 2 yrs ago .. but it was too far away .. so I was sooo freaking excited they had them there now! YAY! So sorry for so many pics of them, but they are just to darn cute!!

When I got back from the zoo the crew office said I needed to go clear immigration since I was disembarking the ship - so someone from the port had to drive me all the way to SF airport. Turns out it was for nothing as when I got there, no one seemed to know why I would need to be there since I am a US citizen. What a mess and a waste of time! It was very frustrating!!

Went up to the Wardie at about 9pm - it was packed!! Lots of people were out .. and a lot stayed out since they said it was my last night with them for the next week .. so needless to say I drank too much, stayed up too late and then Andrea and I were being funny and causing trouble on Deck 10 on the way home .. uh oh :) hee hee

Got up at 5am this morning and had to get off the ship (and lug my suitcase down the 5 stories - thank goodness it was small and light - not sure what I am going to do about the way back when I have more stuff with me!! Yikes!) Got into Philly with only 40 mins to make my connection which of course was 3 terminals away .. but made it in time and landed in NY a bit early. Got picked up by my stepmom, Aunt and youngest brother. Went to get some dinner as I was starved, then they dropped me off at my Mom's house. Been hanging with Mum all evening till she went to bed and now with the time difference, I dont want to go to sleep. But I am going to finish this post, and I am sure when I get into the bed, I will be out like a light in minutes :)


Kippy said...

Thanks for the update. Will look at the pictures later. I am happy to hear Mom is doing well.

Have a great week off!!

Kelly said...

What great pictures of the animals, very cute :)

The ship looks so funny sitting out of the water, and even funnier that you were limo'd back to it, lol