Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nothing Better Than Friends When You Are Down

9 Sept 08

Last night was the masquerade party; I still planned to go to the disco but had to do some washing first. Well I put the wash in, came back to my cabin and flopped on my bed. Had been stressed all day about my Mum being in the hospital (for those of you who don't know already, sorry - but I promised her I wouldnt post her personal life here) so needless to say my emotions ran deep last night and I had myself a good cry. I hated being away from her when she was there and I was here. It sucks!!!! I was so blue, I couldn't bring myself out of it to get dressed so I never made it to the crew bar. Oh well

I was still quite down this morning, so after I finished work I called Sheryl (who was asleep) and Terry (who had to work) and the nurses (Vicky and Jane) to see if anyone would take me off this damn ship! I knew I wouldnt go alone as I didnt have the energy; Vicky said her and Steph were going ashore for a wander, a few errands and lunch; so I begged them to let me come with them. (not like I needed to really beg LOL) I am sooo pleased I went with them; I feel so much better! (though I did have a nice cry when I saw them but they have me a big hug and told me everything would be alright)

So we did a few errands, wandered through the shops on Creek Street (Steph hadn't been there yet) after we had lunch and then went to the Lumberjack show :) But before we went to the show, we stumbled across a Salvation Army .. perfect for looking for costumes!! I found out the 80's party was going to be a Toga Party .. hmmm, well if I do dress up for that - I only need a sheet LOL. So as I was looking through the racks of things, Steph found a plastic-fake leather jacket (in my size!!) which was perfect. Then I found a pair of pants I could cut off at the crotch and make into a skirt .. and then I found a flimsy, cheesy red top with sequins and furry pieces on it .. and ready for this??? All of it for $4.16!!! I spent more for my lunch at Halibut Hole!! :) (and it is cheap there!)

So costumes in hand, we headed over to the Lumberjack Show - and here's another perk - crew get in for free! Yippee .. it was a cool little show and the one guy was OMG HOT!!! Take a look at the pics: ( I wanted to bring him back to the ship as my souvenier!! )

Lumberjack Show:

After the show, we did a few more errands (I was looking for black stockings) and then headed back to the ship. I spoke to my brother a short while after and he had just been to see Mum and he said she was recovering well and looked and sounded a LOT better than the previous day. If all stays well with her, she should be discharged tomorrow and can go home - fingers crossed!

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Kelly said...

I'm so happy your mom is doing well! I really wish you could have been with her. But I'm glad the cute lumberjack was there to cheer you up ;-)