Friday, September 12, 2008

Toga! Toga!

11 Sept 08
(can you believe it has been 7 yrs???)

As I am sure many of you will discuss today, I will never forget where I was when I found out about the WTC. Never forget the feeling I had that day when I stood at my desk and watched the towers fall like match sticks in the wind. Never forget the emptiness I feel *every* time I go to NYC and don't see those towers standing high and proud above the rest of the city.


On a happier, more fun note we had a Toga Party in the wardie last night. Normally, I don't do toga. But the girls convinced me and promised they would help me. Of course after Steph dressed me all up - it seems Jane and Vicky bailed out and Steph couldn't be bothered to get dressed up!! :( Effers! LOL

My outfit wasn't too bad and not all that "Omar the Tentmaker" looking .. but my hair piece was the hit. I got it in Fred Meyers and it is a candle wreath LOL!!! Just pulled my hair through the middle and Steph pinned some of the leaves down. Check out the pics.

Toga Party:

Ok, so one more party to go - Red Light District - tomorrow night. I have a kick butt outfit, I am pumped up! I can't wait for it .. should be a hoot .. and its being run by the cruise staff and they are always so creative, so I will keep you posted!!

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