Friday, September 19, 2008

Catching up

18 Sept 08

Wow, sorry - I didnt realize I hadnt posted in almost a week!

Nothing much going on - working a lot to get things ready for dry dock next week. Packing up computers and making arrangements and plans to do the rest of it, etc

Haven't even been off the ship this week - couldn't be assed. Was going to do some souvenier shopping, but figured there isnt anything I want that I dont already have from somewhere else. So I talked myself out of it :)

Big, big party tonight - leavers blowout party in the Wardie .. I am all ready to go (and its only 7.45pm - I have lots of time to wait!!)

Last Victoria night tomorrow - so everyone is going out for a big party there as well. I am going to be hurting on Sunday .. and I have to work!! (once the pax leave, the refurb starts!!)

I am sure there will be pics to follow from tonight :)

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