Monday, September 8, 2008

Oh What A Night!

8 Sept 08
at sea

Ok, well there were 2 nights that were just great! Starting off with Friday night, we had a Back To School Party in the wardie .. what a blast!! I can't even tell you what time I left .. no clue! The bar stayed open till 2, which was good; yet very bad!! LOL There was the normal craziness and it probably was the best turnout for people in costume. I am not going to give a lot of details; The pics say it all :)

Back to School party:

This ship is nuts for its fancy dress parties!! Its great, don't get me wrong - but holy moly:)

Tonight we have a Masquerade party in the crew bar; Wed night is an 80's party in the Wardie and Fri night is the "red light district" party in the wardie. Yikes! I need a whole wardrobe just for the parties!! I am not sure I can do a mask for tonight as I can't seem to locate my contact lenses. I never wear them, so there is a chance I didn't bring them. (I only wear them at the beach) I will have to do some more digging later today. If I cant find them - I will not be wearing a mask as it would look stupid over my glasses. I am think I can figure something out for the 80's party; but I am at a loss for the RLD one. What could *I* possibly wear??


Saturday night out in Victoria was a lot of fun. I was going to bail out, but Vicki basically told me she would never talk to me again LOL So with our friendship on the line, I ended up going out with them. Turned out to be over 10 of us and we went to Irish Times in town; what a hoot! They had a fabulous celtic band and we had good food, good drink (I had a wonderful cider - I liked it so much I had 4 of them!!) and of course good laughs! I didnt bring my camera, but Lee did so I need to get the pics off of him. We made Woody get up and dance with some girls to some irish jig; it was absolutely hilarious!! I tell ya, if it wasn't for the great times I had on this ship, it wouldn't be worth the BS I have to put up with on the work side of things. So thank the high heavens we have a great crew and a fabulous Wardie!!

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Kelly said...

Sorry about the bad email from the director :( It's so easy for them to say 'the customer is always right' but you KNOW they would have been ready to bitch-slap her too, lol.

Looks like it was a fun party! I'm amazed at how great everyone dresses up with such a limited supply of clothes and props. Hope your Masquerade party last night was fun too, can't wait to see those pictures soon :)

Oh - and I giggled that there were a few random salmon pictures in the party pics. Hehe :)