Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Wacked Out Night

20 Sept 08

Ok so my day started with some of the normal pax bullshit .. yippee! Then it got worse when I got into an argument with my friend Marcus (over IM no less!) and then to top it all off, the guy I was seeing for about a min, broke things off early. Yeah yeah I know I didnt write about it .. sorry I dont know why I have been so anti-blogging this week.

Long story short - one of my good mates, Lee (medical team) and I got together. We knew it probably wasn't the best idea since he is leaving tomorrow - but we have liked each other a while and just couldnt help it. We said we would just let it happen naturally and when he left, we would just stay friends. Apparently it was too much (ship life man is crazy .. a week with someone is like a month .. you are with each other all the time. its like CAMP!!!) and he said we were getting too attached and wanted to end it now, since it would be too hard on him come Sunday. Well I was just gutted. I didnt see it coming and was in a right state afterwards.

So I ran into Sheryl on my way home (it was only 9pm) and she dragged me to her cabin to talk .. I am so lucky I have a cool roommate - even if she doesnt live with me LOL I chatted with her for a bit then went back to my cabin. I still was quite upset, so .. what do you do when you need to relax? Open the wine!!! :) So I sat in my cabin, having a good cry and a glass of wine! (ok a few) Not good really - so I paged Jemma and she came up so I could talk. We talked for a bit then I started to feel better - so she left and went to go get dressed for the Wardie party. I did the same and continued to have some wine to relax me. I went down to her cabin to get her and we had a few glasses of wine there. She ended up bailing out on me - so I went to the Wardie myself. I was already flyin' by the time I got up there LOL

Here are the few pics I have: (I look good for being plastered, eh?? LMAO!)

Needless to say I am not sure how I got home or when .. but when I woke up this morning all the lights were on in my cabin, as was the tv. LOL But the good thing is, I somehow managed to bring home the unopened bottle of wine!!! (Liz - you would be proud!!)


Jules said...

hugs my friend!!! Love to you from little E. We were wondering what was up based on your fb updates but figured you would share when you were ready.

Kippy said...

Hang in there Stay!!!

What do you do while in dry dock??

Chrissy said...

Aww... I’m sorry you had to drink alone for awhile... I wish I could have been there to drink with you!
And you know what word I will use for Mr. ‘getting too attached’ starts with a ‘d’ and ends with a ‘s’… I think you already know! Miss ya!!