Monday, September 1, 2008

I am fuming!

1 Sept 08

Oooh, I am just soo pissed off right now - these effing pax! The cheaper the cruise - the dumber they are. But the cheaper they get too. And the freakin ruder!!!

This is what just happened in the cafe: ( I am copying and pasting from my email to the Staff Purser so I don't have to retype it)

Hello Billy

I wanted to let you know of a particularly rude and inconsiderate passenger who was in my café this evening.

Ms. Hessling-Kraus came into the café and asked a few questions about getting online with her Platinum status. I told her the option she had for maximizing her credit; she then complained that it used to be more mins for that money. I apologized and said I was unsure of the previous way, but as of June, this was the set up for Platinum CC Members.

When she went to log in on the computer – she did her thing but after a few minutes told me she was stuck on the verifying account screen (she said it to me from the desk she was at) I replied that she was stuck in a loop on the satellite and to just click on logout and then log back in – then I apologized for the inconvenience. (it is a satellite issue that happens every so often – nothing we can do about it – but it doesn’t take up and minutes or money as they haven’t even logged in fully yet)

She then must have had another problem – but didn’t say anything to me, or even ask for my help. She just said loudly “ well if this little bitch working here would get out of her seat, I could get something done” I then got up and went over to her and said “ma’am, if you need my help all you need to do is ask; I heard what you said and I didn’t appreciate it” And she then said “I said it so you could hear me” and I said “there was no need for you to say anything to that nature” and she replied “you better walk away as you do not want to continue this conversation with me!” So I walked away as to not disrupt the rest of the café or cause a scene. But that was 100% uncalled for.

This kind of behavior is unacceptable – I don’t care that she is a passenger; everyone still deserves respect. I want this documented asap in Focus File please.

(Focus File is where we get to put info in on particularly out of the ordinary circumstances for the shore side dept of PCL to see)

Whew - I am still steaming!!! Absolute bitch she was! And she wasn't even a paying pax!! She gets a $75 credit in the Internet Cafe ..!! Grrrrrrrrr!!!


Samantha said...

You know I get that passengers can be rude and sometimes you just have to bite your lip but honestly calling you a "bitch" is totally, friggin' out of order!!!

Kelly said...

Hopefully she's lazy and won't do any kind of formal complaint against you (not that you did anything wrong, but obviously she's got a stick up her butt!)