Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ketchikan Day with the Ladies

3 September 08
leaving Juneau, AK

So the other night when we were out in Victoria, Sally (the captain's wife) asks a bunch of us to go to lunch in Ketchikan at the top of the mountain (not as high as Juneau's Mt Roberts) but you still take a tram. I thought it would be cool and I hadnt been up there yet so I said sure

Well after a night of dancing at the disco - the next morning Sally pops by to confirm the meeting place, but mentions the tram isnt working :( That means we have to hike it up there! Eeeek! Ok - it really isnt all that high, but still!! It had to be over 5 stories high - so it is quite an incline.

Anyway .. I dragged myself, huffing and puffing - yes it was worth it as it was very pretty up there and it wasnt raining (I wouldnt have done it in the rain or if the ground was wet - everyone knows I can be a klutz and I have a bad habit of falling - so you can bet I would have been on the ground!) Needless to say, I was sore yesterday afternoon!

Here are some pics I took from up top as well as heading back down - make sure to check out the salmon jumping *UP* the falls. Pretty cool eh?

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