Wednesday, May 7, 2008

4 Ladies and a Pierre

7 May 08
Departing Lisbon, Portugal
En route to Southampton, England

Today was another great day! The weather wasn’t cooperating at first, as it was overcast and drizzly. However, by the end of the day it had warmed up nicely (I was hot in jeans!) and was beautiful out (you will see in the pics)

So Amie, Clare, Gemma, Pierre and I went out and into town around 11.30; Clare and Gemma were on a mission for some work shoes as well as any other shopping :) We wandered around in and out of some shops and were being our usual, silly selves. We came across this guy, playing the accordian with this puppy holding a little bucket in its teeth. It was so cute, but yet so mean and pathetic at the same time. However, I ** had ** to take pics .. and then I felt bad, so I gave him a Euro. Hopefully he will feed the dog with it! Clare found a really pretty dress she was going crazy over .. I liked it as well. It actually made me think of something similar I could get for my brother’s wedding In Nov. While window shopping, we came across these window mannequins for men’s “pants” (underwear) They were so hideous, I couldn’t stop laughing. I could just imagine what a girl would think if she saw her man take off his trousers and was wearing those! I was hysterical with the thought!!

We stopped for a drink and a lite snack; a few of us hadn’t had any breakfast (me included) and then while we were sitting there, another guy was walking around playing the accordian and had his dog on his shoulder. I mean do they have classes for the men and their little dog’s?? LMAO After that we went up the Santa Justa street lift. It actually takes up to the top and there is a little bridge that connects to the mountain, which has a whole other town there! We didn’t go into the other town, since not everyone was with us. Only Pierre, Gemma and I went up to the top. Got some great pics from up there .. and even a few of the rest of the group down below!

After that we went for lunch at a chicken and chips place – was supposed to have awesome chicken .. it was called Bon Jardin. It was really yummy .. so we stuffed ourselves full of chicken and then it was time to head back to the shuttle bus. I of course had to take pics along the way .. and Clare and Pierre were being silly, so don't mind them; and I purposely walked through the arch so I could get pics, but that was where the bus was, so it was all good.


We are now heading back up the coast of Portugal and back to Southampton for turnaround on Saturday. So 2 final days at sea and then we have a 2 night "party cruise" to Zeebrugee, Belgium and then back to So'ton on the 12th. The 12th we head out for an 18 night Med cruise .. different ports too! :)

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