Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Little Rain Never Hurt Anyone

22 May 08

Oh yeah?!?! Well, they weren't out with us today when it was monsooning in Corfu Town! We (again, Pierre and his women) left the ship and it had rained this morning, but was just overcast. Hopped on the shuttle to the town and just as we were getting there, it started to rain. Wasn't happy about it - but we had all brought umbrellas and windbreakers.. so we figured we would find the first decent restaurant and go in.

Ha ha - yeah, that's funny!

First of all - about 2 mins out of the bus and the sky opened up and began dumping buckets of rain on us! My windbreaker, which is normally a little rain resistant, couldn't keep up and it was coming right through. :( It was a warm day and we were all in flip flops .. so needless to say our feet were soaked! We headed for the first restaurant; it was really expensive! So we went to the next one and they only had seating outside .. and most of the areas were getting wet. We moved on .. and on .. and on. One restaurant after another and it was either really high priced (I swear they jacked up the prices - almost 20e for a freaking sandwich?!?) or they only had outdoor seating. Ick! I mean I can't blame them really, the weather has been very unseasonable for the Med this time of year and has been awfully wet. And most of these restaurants have the dining outside and only the kitchen and such are inside.

Anyway, we headed back towards the main square where we were dropped off and headed into McDonalds. It was warm and dry in there. Clare and Gemma wanted to get some take-away to take back to the ship; which was a great idea! So we got a few sandwiches, but then decided to grab a cab back to the port area. We had remembered seeing a really nice Pizza Hut - with covered seating and heaters as well as indoor seating. So we piled into a nice Mercedes Cab with our driver and off we went. Obviously, with the weather being so bad - there was no way I was getting the camera wet, so no pics of the town .. sorry!

We arrived about 15 mins later and we were the only ones there, so the guys were thrilled to have us. I guess with it being such bad weather, they don't get the normal foot traffic they would on a sunny day. So we were brought in, where we were told to hang up our jackets and dry out! :) Ended up having a really enjoyable lunch, all nice and warm and of course yummy pizza! I don't know that I will ever tire of pizza; I wonder if I can make up a pizza diet some how? LOL

Towards the end of lunch, we noticed it had stopped raining and looked like it was going to clear up. Figures, right?!? By the time we actually finished and paid the bill .. the sun was out in full force. So we decided to walk back to the ship; to dry out some more and to walk off our tasty lunch! It was a really nice walk and felt so good to get some sunshine on our webbed feet and get our clothes dried some more.

Got back to the ship at about half 3 .. plenty of time for my nap! Got out of the damp clothes and into my jammies and off to the sleeps I went. Went to work at my normal time of 7pm and throughout the evening the sun was making the sky so pretty, so as it was setting, I went and got my camera and took a few pics before it set completely. They are nice if I do say so myself!

Tomorrow is Messina, Sicily and then we have a sea day .. then we will start heading back out of the Med; hitting a few more ports before we get back to So'ton on the 30th. Oh, and on the 30th I am meeting up with the MTN Manager from Ventura (P&O's newest ship) and he is going to get me a pass so I can go onto his ship and get a tour. :) Pretty cool! I, of course, will have the camera (do I ever go anywhere without it?)

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What a gorgeous sunset!